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N/A | National "Formal Warning" Defect Notice

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by HorseDuc, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I have a few questions re a newly acquired "formal warning" defect notice I got last week.

    List of the bits I have to fix,

    *Number plate not mounted correctly
    *Rear indicators to comply with NSW Standards
    *Rego Label to be mounted in a position so its more visible
    *Rear indicators to be separate from brake light

    I understand the integrated tail light, but I do question how a Harley forty eight gets past ADR laws with its integrated blinker and tails lights.:-s

    My biggest issue is the number plate and actually clearing this defect notice, I have spoken with the RTA and I have been told they do not note "formal warning" defect notices against your rego. So why would they bother having this as an option? I have spoken to the Police and they said still take it to the RTA and have it cleared. The police officer was very surprised I got a warning not a yellow sticker. I discussed with the police officer (a bike copper) about the ADR of 5 mtrs from any angle to have a clear view of the number plate but it seems he was unhappy with the angle of the plate. (photos coming tonight)

    Has anyone ever had one of these defect notice, every time I have ever been defected in a car, I never got a warning. It was always a canary .

    Safe riding all :)

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  2. Take a photo of the defect notice for us too so we know what we're looking at.
  3. May I enquire as to why you were pulled over in the first place?
    I haven't heard of anyone being defected, or even seen a canary in such a long time...
  4. Not sure really, I wasn't speeding. sitting on my 90km/hr at the start of the M2 heading into Sydney. I had thought that's what he was getting me for but he cruised behind me for ages then decided to pull me over. He had threatened to book me $353 dollars and three points for the number plate but didn't end up doing it. He didn't seem to concerned about the noise, he even got me to start it and he gave it a jab to listen how loud it was. (and believe me its loud)....
  5. I think there was an op on yesterday, I got pulled as well for splitting (apparently scaring the cages) and having my rego label on side not the back. But then I didnt get a ticket though he took details so i nay get one. this was in artarmon.

    Then saw two stops on the warringah freeway.

    My cop claimed that the rego label had to be on back. I said back or side then he clarified it to back or left side of clear windsheild. I said i would move it though last night u read on The rta site says adjacent to number plate which mine is.
  6. ADR would probably need the following done.

    Number plate is angled the wrong way and should be at the rear and luminated (can't tell if it is)... Currently it would easily get covered in grit..
    Indicator lights need to be 300mm apart minimum and yes seperate...
    Technically, rego needs to be on the left side of the m/c but as long as it's visible usually ok. (those cylinder holders are not compliant in some states)..

    In VIC, they would have also added that you have no fender and rear reflector...

    Hope you still have the original rear end parts that would have come with the bike. Many put it back on to comply then take if off again..
  7. Cop doesn't know what he's talking about..
    Technically it has to be on the left side and clearly visible...

    I'll look it up as I have the ADR's on my home pc somewhere..

    EDIT: ok this varies from state to state I'll scout the web sites and update as I find them...

    RTA: For all other vehicles, the label should be affixed on or adjacent to the vehicle's rear number plate without obscuring the vehicle's number plate characters.
    VicRoads (new I read left side somewhere!): in the case of a motor cycle, in a suitable registration label holder mounted on the left side of the motor cycle, or to the left handlebar or the steering head so that the label faces forward.
    WA & SA: Have or will be abolishing labels all together..
  8. We had a guy on a group ride recently that got something similar for his tyres.
    No roadworthy needed, just new tyres & take it to Vicroads within the alotted time (don't know, 7 days maybe?)

    & what about straight out pipes on a Harley when a sports bike with slip ons gets pinged?
  9. As you can see by the notice, he also chipped me about the rego sticker being on the side in a cylinder. He also wasn't aware of the LEDS mounted inside the bolts that mount the number plate on as he went over those with a fine tooth comb. When I spoke to Penrith Police they were surprised it was a formal warming and not the whole hog... Shows you the way those boys work.
  10. Yeah I thought that he didn't know what he was talking about but I had already annoyed him enough. He said I would of scared the car drivers with my riding, he asked me how they would feel, I told him "I cannot speculate on how other people feel", then he asked how I would feel if a rider did what I did, I said "I don't own a car so I don't know how I would feel." He wasn't impressed with that.

    So I didn't want to argue anymore.

    I found this information on the RTA website for NSW

    For all other vehicles, the label should be affixed on or adjacent to the vehicle's rear number plate without obscuring the vehicle's number plate characters.

    I probably won't get that for a ticket for the rego sticker but might get one for the splitting (well he claimed no indication and moving from lane 3 to 1). Hope I don't get neg driving.

    Well fingers crossed. It was a weird stop as it was an undercover who had a partner in his car, I might have gone too close to him and that annoyed him as a car driver.
  11. Hmm interesting, mine wasn't in a roll, it was taped to my side cover on the DR650. Rolls and holders vibrate off on singles.
  12. Yeah, labels are no longer required... When cops pull you over, they usually have all the details on a screen before they get out the car..

    In a nutshell, it's only used against someone purely because they can and no other reason..
    They will eventually not be needed in every state along the lines of WA and SA..
  13. Can't wait for that to happen, 1 less piece of crap we have to bolt onto the bike!!
  14. Vert,
    Id be surprised if you get anything, id say it was a D that pulled you up and they usually can't be bothered doing the paper work. It seems when they do pull anyone up they are pretty keen to give you a lecture not a ticket.
  15. Agree, but from stuff I've read a while ago, NSW is the next state looking at abolishing them... Bet VicRoads will be last...](*,)
  16. Yeah that's why I thought my cop was being petty. I have got a sticker its clearly visible.
  17. Even if it was like the US, a tiny little inch x inch sticker in the corner of the number plate would be better. Considering you can receipt the label yourself if you pay your rego online, you would think they would just scrap them.
  18. I had thought that it might be a detective which is why I was being a little argumentative to make him think I would take it to court (which he wouldn't want to bother with). I have 0 demerits so could risk a few. When he came back from his car I told him that "since he is the expert I would take his advice" blah blah blah just to make it seem like he got the message through.
  19. Sorry back on topic, I remember now years ago (like in '95) I was pulled over and given a warning about my rear tyre being bald. I was told to get it fixed in 7 days. Nothing happened after that. I was a warning not a yellow form.

    So long ago that I can't remember much more.
  20. Catch the name of the cop? My brother is HWP, runs that stretch daily. Curious if it was him who pinged you...