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Forma ICE Motorcycle boots review

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by say_wat, May 30, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I thought I'd share some thoughts and experience on my third pair of boots. I'm going to basically skip over the whole 'importance of boots' part of this review because there are more than adequate threads and writings about this topic. Suffice it to say that riding without adequate protection on one's legs/foot is a mistake. According to stats, it is the part that has the highest rate of injury in motorcycle accidents.

    I've owned a pair of Alpinestars, and a pair of rossi boots that I used the f*ck out of, so I have something to compare with.

    The main question when buying boots is 'what will they be used for'. If it is for every-day riding, and walking long distances then one would be better off getting a totally different type of boot than if you were planning on racing or sportier runs. I wanted boots with the intention to do the latter. One of my main requirements was a boot with very good ankle torsion support in case things go pear shaped.

    What I ended up buying are a set of Forma Ice boots. Now, this Italian company is relatively well known in the racing industry, although not very common in our stores in Australia. Try www.formaboots.com for more information about the company itself. I was satisfied by the fact that they have good on-track experience and "Riders like Marvin Musquin, Cedric Melotte and Alex Baldolini are only a few of our testimonials and riders who test our products on-track and furnish important feedback to our technical staff who then apply these suggestions and changes during production."

    Now, onto the boots.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Its features:

    Microfiber upper
    Double density anti-slip/oil rubber racing sole
    Anti torsion Flex Control Pivot System
    Injection moulded shin and ankle protection
    Velcro and zip closure
    Rear buckle ratchet adjustment
    Vented Stainless steel toe scraper
    Replaceable rear heel counter
    PU gear change pad protection
    Air mesh lining
    CE quality certified
    Antibacterial replaceable footbed with Air Pump System
    High quality - Made in Europe
    Normal price is $549
    Perfect for Road racing, Sports touring, Touring or general riding

    I don't know what most of that means, but the "Anti-torsion flex control pivot system thingy stuff" is what I believe requires first mention here. The main thing that attracted me to these boots was the exo-skeletal ankle brace system; they look and feel extremely sturdy and don't allow any torsional movement or ankle rolling. Its quite literally a brace for the boots. I was afraid that it would get extremely uncomfortable while wearing or walking for a long duration but the design and 'pivot' allows for the natural movement of the ankle while walking. Yes, it does restrict the movement a bit, but that is the purpose of this system. In all, it feels extremely snug and secure while giving good support.

    It has all the features you expect to see in high-end sports boots with good protection on the chin, toe, heel areas.

    Looks and Practicality

    This is quite a subjective thing but imo, these boots actually look as good as in the photos. They're not over-the-top in their design to the level of being tacky, nor are they too sedate to the level of looking like touring boots. Everyone who's seen the boots has complimented them; I think it is the exo-skeletal ankle support system that makes it look appealing.

    Getting in and out of the boots is pretty simple. It has a zip, velcro, and then a ratchet adjustment to tighten it all. Fits on quite securely within seconds. Another feature i like is a little strap that goes over the foot area, giving the boot a nice secure feeling. The inside of the boot is lined with a mesh material that seems to breathe pretty well and allows the foot to slip in with ease.

    I'm the type of person who really loves my new-things, and notice every little scratch in the first couple of months of owning the thing. The material used in the boots is perfectly designed for motorcycling. I've hit the boots on doors, stairs, motorcycle and any number of things and have not noticed any scratches. The section that contacts the gear shifter is made from hard plastic with some textured designs on it - although the boots haven't had any scratches or scuff marks from changing gears as yet, I'm assuming the design there would mask the scuffing anyway.

    Another thing I think is worth mentioning is that the boots don't weight too much, considering the protection it gives. My old alpinestars are not even half as sturdy as these, and weighs about as much.


    This is another thing I was quite surprised with about these boots. The vents work very well, especially compared to my old boots. When the vents are open, you can feel a bit of a 'breeze' in the boots, which disapepars if you close the vents. I have to say though, the boots get pretty warm on warmer days with the vents closed. One of the main gripes with these boots is that the vents are not easy to open and close (this was a problem with my old boots too). I just leave the vent half open, to get the best of both worlds.


    These boots are not supposed to be waterproof, but I haven't yet ridden in the rain with them. I will update this review if i unfortunately get stuck in the rain without over-boots.


    These boots are about as good as it gets. It has all the features of a high end pair of boots, with good finishing, materials and protection all around. I haven't had the unfortunate experience of crashing in them yet (touch wood), but wearing them and handling them on a daily basis, I can say with confidence that they're sturdy and 'secure' enough to protect me in an accident. The ankle protection system probably needs a second mention here, as that is the Coup de grace that made me buy these boots.

    My only niggle so far is the vent being hard to open and close. I will update this thread after doing a track-day in them, or ride in the rain.

    Where to buy?


    http://stores.ebay.com.au/The-Motorcycle-Boot-Store <= Just do a search for "Ice". They have a perforated version called the "Ice flow".

    I bought mine from the Australian forma distributor "Frontier moto". They also have an online ebay store. I found the company very professional and extremely helpful, and they were very patient with all my questions- that's something you don't often get these days so I believe it deserves a mention.

    The sizing was the same as my alpinestars but they assured me that if the boots don't fit, I could just return it and they'll send a different size.
  2. Heya, was thinking about pulling the trigger on a pair of these and was interested in your experience a few years on?
    How were/are the boots?