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Form Follows Function or Style Over Substance?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. I was looking at a couple of my 675 Pictures (I have quite a library) and I noticed with a couple that the body position of the rider just doesn't look right.
    This one is the most obvios to me.
    As you can see from the line I have inserted the knee is down but the body posture is still on the center line of the bike.
    I take it this is entirely a poser knee down, and that his body should be lower and further left with his head down near the mirror to have a proper posture for that corner (And as such his knee wouldn't be near the deck)
    Is this a correct assesment that this is a Style Over Substance body position.

  2. I know what you mean, but Wil Hartog won a couple of 500cc Grands Prix riding like that :LOL:.
  3. Yeah I think you are over analysing it a a bit. He's got weight inside his line and he's probably counter steering like buggery.

    If he finds it works for him . . . .
  4. I'm open to correction ,but wouldn't that make his knee even lower?(theoretically of course - all the way down is all the way down). As such, he would end up actually leaning the bike less, and therefore have more grip. So I guess I'm agreeing with you.
    It's possible the shutter has caught him as he is starting to shift his weight back to the RH side for the next corner, maybe?
  5. Looks like a tall rider, perhaps he just can't get the body down on such a small bike? Or perhaps he just moved his body back to initiate the bike standing up at the exit to the turn. A little hard to really evaluate the whole story from such a small snapshot of the surroundings.

    Or, perhaps he is just a poser? :LOL:
  6. I am not talking about moving his bumb more, I am talking about moving his sholders and head so that the bike stands up a little more.
    He looks prety settled in the corner so I would be supprised if he was preparing to switch into a right hander.
  7. Just a case of different styles for different riders, IMO. Some slide just their bum, rotating around their shoulders (like this guy), while others shift their whole body across is one line.
  8. If you look at his hips and shoulders, most of his bodyweight is inside the line. He's still got a good grip on the bike. That's important. In this corner, he may not NEED to hang off any further in order to get around the corner. Hanging off is ONLY to keep the hard parts of the bike from scraping, and as manufacturers make narrower bikes, riders are hanging off less and less, for better control at extreme lean angles.

    Check out this pic of 7-time world champ Rossi *barely* off the
    centreline of the bike:
  9. See Cam, your pic I think actually supports me calling it a poser shot...
    If you draw a line through the center of the bike it just grazes the side of Rossis helmet as apposed to the pic I have posted it goes right through the middle of the riders helmet

    The rider in the pic I have posted is
    A) More upright relative to teh bikes lean angle,
    8) Has a greater degree of knee angle towards the ground

    In the shot you have posted of Rossi he is
    A) Further off the line of the bike with his sholders and head
    8) not reaching at all for teh ground with his knee (In fact he has to tuck it up prety tight because he is running out of room between the bike and the tarmac)
  10. The rider's helmet might be in the centreline, but the rest of the body isn't. Plus he's not "reaching" to get his knee down. I don't think this is poser stuff at all.

    To get more weight to the inside all he needs to do is bring his head towards the mirror, true, but I don't think he needs it. Like they say at CSBS, "we teach you a way that works, then once you're developing your skills, you can bend the rules to suit"... let Mr Doohan demonstrate...


    Man he's coooool!!! How cool is photo 1!

    Photo three is what I'd consider pretty crossed up, but then I reckon he'd know what he needs for that corner to get the max out of his bike... Look at the lean angle... his knee is jammed up against the bike... theory says if he leaned off, the bike wouldn't need to lean so much but maybe he needs the vision to sight up the next corner... so he's got his head relatively high...

    Edit: The 2nd pic had to be uploaded because the image from http://webmoteros.iespana.es/webmoteros/doohan800.jpg wasn't getting linked anymore...
  11. exceptionally cool.
    he was breaking many (read- nearly all) textbook cornering rules, and was smashing the field with his technique. he was outstanding.
    and CLEARLY comes from a dirt background :LOL:
  12. I once had someone try to tell me you can't drift a road bike. I showed him that photo. End of argument! :wink:
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    and this would certainly put the final nails in the coffin.
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    That's getting there. THIS is a road-bike powerslide though:


    Or, how's this for a demonstration of sliding a road bike side-ways, while upright, by our very own Chris Vermeulen

  15. Bah, I always find that getting both knees down helps get the weight inside.

    But seriously, that picture could be mid chicane, or it just might be testament to the old more-than-one-way-to-skin-a-cat adage.
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    ...that's not a powerslide, THIS is a power slide! Cue McCoy!!!!! That clip puts shivers up my spine every time I see it. Where's my :not worthy: emoticon????

    Check out this: [media=youtube]zThz7jkR1Ok[/media]
    Criville vs Doohan, 1996. You get to see some classic tussles, but notice Doohan's cornering style, he's "crossed" up a lot of the time...

    Anyway, what's the consensus about the OP pic? Is FL right or wrong?
  17. I tried that in Tassie, both knees, followed by my guts, followed by my arms followed by a "crack" followed by a "tear" followed by some fancy swearing, followed by some surgery :(

    It pays to get only 1 down at a time, trust me ;)
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    He is the power slide king

  19. Who knows.

    Take a few screenshots from the first 10 seconds of the HP2 video that someone posted up in a review thread, and you'd get some REALLY "poor" looking form when it's taken out of context.

  20. Didn't think of that but good point!