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Form fitting earplugs.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Ausfox, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone.

    Just after some suggestions on earplugs.

    Just wondering about who you've tried, the service and the results.


  2. +1 for advice and suggestions.
  3. I have been using a set of aviation earplugs for years. They are a micro speaker 'ear bud' with a foam tip that you can squish up and put in like a conventional ear plug.

    They allow you to listenn to music at a quiet level, and they block 70% or more out side sounds.

    You can buy the foam tips for some standard earbuds from www.complyfoam.com

    They are great for long rides and only start to hurt if you don't take them out every 4 or 5 hours.

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  4. Aren't there enough threads about earplugs for you. It's not often I get on the "use the search" function bandwagon, but jeez, come on, it's not hard.
  5. Hey Ausfox, Our ramp guys are running around with custom molded plugs, Engineering dont have them, I been thinking about going to get some.

    Cant remember the company, but they always advertise in cycletorque.
  6. Nothing like a good pair of hearing aids switched off.
  7. Thanks macca.

    I'll try to procure some when I'm doing my next walk around

  8. the best plugs are custom molded ones. If you are after plugs with music the best ones are custom molded ones where they fit the tubes in with 'speakers' outside. These were made for me by the GrassMower Centre in Griffith and I'm sure other such places will make them. They are dear and cost 260.00 but well worth it, especially on long rides. Cut out wind noise and you can play your music fairly soft. Has a volume control as well. If you're just after earplugs and no music, you can get a DIY kit called Radians (off eBay from the US) for around 30 dollars.
  9. I just got a DIY kit from diycustomearplugs.com.au.. ordered it last night so prob wont have it till monday..

    its one of the DIY putty full mold kits.. and im planning on actually trying to build a set of in ear headphones into them as i mold them..

    a bit like this guy with lots of metal in his ears..

    Will let you all know how badly i do next week.
  10. Bluetack. Cheap, works
  11. E.A.R plugs and ear molds for the win.

    /close thread