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Forklift licence test.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ramjet, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Goin to get my forklift licence test on the weekend just wondering if anyone here has got any hints and tips to help me pass, or is it a piece of cake?


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  3. Don't rush. :grin:
  4. Don't hit your obstacles and don't "dump" your load :grin:
  5. I was told be a guy with many many tickets:

    "Always make one mistake. If you look perfect they will be harsher on you than if you make a simple, small mistake"

    It has worked for me so far.

  6. Don't be like Klaus,
    he not a forklift driver,
    he is a serial killer.

    Back on topic,
    take you time,
    the test is bout your ability to complete the task,
    not the time it takes to do it,
    the tasks are not hugely difficult,
    you will have your ticket in no time.
  7. ALWAYS look behind when reversing
    ALWAYS stop when raising and lowering loads ie. dont reverse and lower the load at the same time.

    If there is a seat belt wear it and before you start the forktruck have a quick walk around and check the thing dosnt have any obvious damage, though it more then likely will be in tip top shape it can score points.

    Just be generally safety concious

    Good luck........
  8. also when i did it not long ago he wanted the forklift in neutral and handbrake on when raising the load.

    Look around alot before moving as its all about safety.

    know your theory, he asked me "how did you know that pallet could be lifted by that forklift?" i got it wrong :p but you can use an excuse (if its at your workplace) that you used that forklift to unload it off the truck, or if someone done it in the test before you say "because he did it fine" apparently acceptable answers. other answers are "i checked the weight on the manifest"

    most of the answers to the theory (thats if you havent done the theory test yet) is "put it in neutral, handbrake on, turn it off, tag not for use and tell your supervisor"

    things to look out for are overhanging objects like bridges or cabling (q he may ask)

    if he is standing closer than 2 meters from you when he wants you to do a task ask him to move away as it isnt safe. Always wear your seatbelt (if fitted)

    load is always facing uphil on slopes, dont turn on slopes as you could tip the load.

    its all pretty fresh in my mind.
  9. Yuck.

    I'm not exactly scared of the sight of blood but even I blinked at a few of the accidents in this.

    You may want to add a NSFW warning and a NSFWS warning.

    NSFWS = Not safe for Weak Stomachs.
  10. One of the funniest safety vids I've ever seen.

    Poor Klaus.
  11. Looking for the guy who referred me to this site. He was from Victoria and I *think* his name was patrick. Can't be certain.

    Anyway, I called him on the phone about forklifts and a few quick questions. from "toyota material handling"...

    Ring any bells? I just want to find you and thank you
  12. Thanks all!!
  13. How can they be "harsh" if you don't make any mistakes. After all, that is what a test is for.
  14. It SHOULD have all required safety features. If it doesn't, then it should have a PIN attached to it and not to be used.

    But yeah, general safety checks.

    Check tynes, check chain, check stock. Check tyres. Check gas bottle contents. Turn on gas. Climb into truck. Ensure park brake is engaged. In neutral. Start. Check gauges. Select gear, release brake, look behind, or whatever. Move loads accordingly.

    When stopped. Select neutral, select park brake, lower forks, tilt forward so they are on the ground, lower rest of the way. Turn off. Remove key. Alight truck, turn off gas. Check contents. Swap bottle over, if required.
  15. I told a German guy that I juggle with about this safety video last night, and boy did he crack up laughing. Brought back a lot of fond memories for him.

    Apparently the guy that narrated it also narrates all the serious safety videos they have over there. When it was released, it was a smash because everyone was expecting it to be serious as well.