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Fork seals

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by deafwish, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Good morning, all!
    My right fork leg's seal looks worse for wear, but is not yet leaking.
    I am a poor, perfectionist and it bugs me every time i walk past the bike. :mad:
    If it doesn't leak, is it posing a safety issue in it's current condition?
    What will happen if it leaks whilst I'm out on it?
    Is it a big/ expensive job to replace?
    Please excuse my ignorance. :oops:

    Boy it's cold in Melbourne this morning! Glad i'm in the heated cage! :p
  2. The suspension will feel a lot stiffer if it's leaking but it will still be rideable if you want to risk it.
  3. When you say the fork seal looks "worse for wear", are you talking about the seal itself (which is inside the fork tube) or the rubber boot that some bikes have over the end of the fork tube? I'm not sure what you'd see of the fork seal that would suggest that it was reaching the end of its life. My experience has been that you can't tell they're getting tired until they start to leave a smear of oil on the fork leg.
  4. Chairman.
    It is the rubber boot that looks bad.
    I think there is a metal ring inside the boot that has slightly rusted and has bulged and cracked.
    Would I be right in assuming the rubber boot is not an important component of the fork seals?
  5. If you run your clean finger along the fork itself, is there a fine coating of oil?
  6. No...... :?
  7. Probably shouldnt be an issue then. I wouldnt pay $$ to fix it till it was weeping. Bikes are still rideable with weeping seals. not an ideal situation though.
  8. Is it expensive to have the seals redone?
    I may as well get it fixed if it's only going to be cheap.....
  9. Fork seals and oil only... if the DUST seals need replacing you are looking at around $220-$240 depending on the cost and avalability of the dust seals...

    Honda will not sell the dast seals seperatly! They come as a kit in which the oils seals are included :D which can make it bit cheaper... say $200??
  10. Are you capable of doing this, lord T bone?
    You did my pads about a year ago..... :wink:
  11. Easy... I'll just need to find out how much the kits are for...

    Do you like full synth oil or some thing more traditional??