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Fork Seals Leaking

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Alexy23, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I am having an issue with my bike in that the fork seals have been leaking oil for the last 3 weeks. As I needed to get to uni for exams I have been riding regardless of the leaking and did not have time to fix.

    Now that exams are over I am looking to fix the seals and am wondering if I could possibly have done any damage to the springs inside the forks?

    Also I am trying to figure out which part(s) exactly I need (http://www.megazip.ru/ru/bike/suzuki/view/681/20593/251666#g251593)

    Is it the o-ring #17?

  2. No you wont have damaged the spring but handling would be affected in some way.

    Cant read the Greek ? but looks like you will need 8,9,10,11 and 12

  3. You should only need 10 and 12 as the other parts should still be fine. While it looks like a lot of oil may have leaked out, it will probably be only around 1/10th of the total volume.

    You will also need some new fork oil, probably 5wt and an oil height to set the new oil too (oil height is better than a volume as you can not tell how much oil is still on all of the components but a volume is still better than nothing).

    Also, many leaks are caused by a small amount of dirt under the seal. This dirt can often be removed by sliding something thin and soft into the gap between the tube and the seal (old film negatives work really well). THis trick can often give a short to longer term solution.
  4. the seal itself is part 10 in that pic.
    parts 4 and 8 are bush sliders- a copper slider with a teflon coating. with age this teflon coating wears off. definitely replace if needed, it won't take long for a teflon free slider to gouge the fork staunchion (upper section of the fork)
    part 12 is a dust boot, again these perish with age. definitely replace if needed
  5. Hmmm, My copper slider bushing is getting stuck and won't go back into the fork... Tried freezing, lubing it up, just feels like if I hammer it down it will be stuck for good....
  6. sliders shouldn't stick.
    lower slider should just slip in, upper slider has the slippery side touching the staunchion so it will need to be hammered in. if the lower slider is jamming it's officially firetrucked and you'll do damage if you use it
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  8. upper slider isn't supposed to move, you DO hammer it in. also remember the staunchion is supposed to be fitted (with lower slider in place) before you fit the upper slider