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fork seals broken?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Atlas, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. hi folks

    i noticed the other night that there is some oil on one of my forks as well as a ring of dirt. Does this mean my fork seals are broken? easy to fix? can i continue riding or wait til its fixed first.

  2. Hi,

    You can still ride your bike but you should get it fixed as soon as possible. Should be a couple hours labour and less than $100 in parts to get fixed. Worn seals can often be caused by small chips (from stones etc) on the fork's surface slowly wearing down fork seals. When you talk to whoever is doing the work make sure they will apply a slight emery paper rub to fork legs to get rid of any small surface irregularities so your seals will last as long as possible.


  3. Well summarised, Brett :applause:

    Before you do anything, though, give the forks a thorough clean and then go for a ride; with all this crappy weather and garbage on the roads, everyone's forks look lousy at the moment, so it might just be general debris, not a blown seal.

    And if it IS a blown seal, needless to say, get BOTH legs reconditioned; otherwise you'll have one fork leg working well, and the other perhaps not so well. It's an older grey import, so the handling will benefit from the freshen-up anyway :wink:.
  4. If you leave it too long,and it gets real bad-well this happened on my old XR anyways after a fair while and serious pounding jumps and creek crossings and the like-eventually it trailed its way done the fork tube over time and then got onto the brake pads,eventually saturating them and rendering them all but useless :?
  5. Yep, take note of movin's advice. Don't let the fluid get down to the brakes, or your brakes won't work properly, and you'll be up for the extra expense of replacing pads. Keep cleaning the gunk off every time you need to ride until you get the seals replaced.
    Also, once the forks have run out of fluid, you'll have suspension that won't work.
  6. thanks folks for all the input!
  7. fork seals are easy to replace dont pay some one to do it !

    i'd never opened a fork until 2 days ago, never even seen one apart, it was dead easy to do the seals!

    seals $25 a pair
    oil $15 1L (390mL a fork, depends on bike...)
    measuring seringe $6 ( to the mL )

    time to take em apart (15min)
    clean em (time depends on how u define clean)
    reassemble (15min)

    honestly do it yourself, i watched this as a generic guide on how to do it, its as simple as this guy makes it out to be, my fork came apart a little differently but esentially the same process (mms://media.bbrmotorsports.com/How_To/Windows/SP5_ForkSeal_Win.wmv) the tool he used to knock the seals back in is great i was lucky enough to borrow one from my local shop (im a regular :cool: ) without it reassembly will be a little longer

    i guess not everyone is as tight as i am, but keep it in mind, its pretty easy to do it yourself :roll: