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Fork seal question - VTR 250

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by OldNotBold, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. HI all,

    Could I ask a quick question here, to get an opinion? I have been quoted several hundred dollars to replace the fork seals in a VTR 250. This seems like a lot to me, but I am not super familiar with the job. Can anyone comment?

  2. OK, I've just been told also that a pair of genuine fork seals + oil would be $120 ($89 seals, $30 oil) so that puts the labour at $180 - or around 2 hours. Maybe not so bad, still over the odds I think, but I'm not familiar with the job...

    I hate doing this, but unfortunately this place has already got a reputation for gouging, but was the best option, for a few other reasons... I'd love to give them the work, but not if they're trying to take the piss... :unsure:
  3. you tube 'replacing fork seals'. I needed mine done, was contemplating doing it myself, then realised that one of the things about living in an apartment is lack of space/garage/tools. Seems pretty logical though if you want to try it....
  4. Am about to do the same on my VTR250, fortunately I have a friend who has a dirt bike business and can do the job once I've got the parts and oil. It will take 1-2 hours and is a fiddly job apparently. If the shop is only charging 2 hours labour from start to finish its probably a fair price from what I can tell.
  5. Thanks heaps guys for the info. Wow, I hadn't really considered looking on eBay, thanks for that link Mike. Although, those listings seem to be for an earlier year model(s). Are they the same? I have no idea! :) And yeah, the price for genuine does include new dust seals... After market (no dust seal) can be had for $30.00

    I haven't been here for a while, just went snooping around and came up with a PDF workshop manual for the bike. HUGE cheers to Netrider in general, and Dazzler specifically for posting it.

    I read through the front fork section, and it does seem relatively straightforward - except for the mention of specialist tools to seat the seals (??)

    The backstory to this is that it only went in for a safety certificate for rego (I moved interstate). Why the bloody hell I didn't wipe down the fork, I will never know (KICKS SELF IN THE ARSE HARD). I'm not even sure it really needs to be done. It is showing evidence of a leak, but it is by no means a bad leak. More tacky residue, than wet oily leak...
  6. I guess it's really fear of the unknown - I maintain and service my Toyota HIlux. Got heaps of tools and know how to use 'em. But I've never mucked around with motorbikes. And I have no "formal" training, ie. I'm not a mechanic of any sort. Just self taught with cars over 20+ years...

    Good call Jatz, on the YouTube thing. Thanks.
  7. Are these forks on the VTR considered "right way up" or "inverted" ???(n)
  8. It cost me about $300 to replace them on my CBR250RR back in December.
  9. Most leaky fork seals can be fixed without being replaced. Unless they are fully blown, they generally only leak / weap because there is dirt between the seal and fork. There is a tool you can buy to fix this, it's called seal mate, I got mine from e bay for 10 bucks I think. It's basically a thin piece of plastic, that you slide down the fork tube, into the seal area, and rotate around once, then lift up and out. This removes any foreign particals that may be lodged causing a leak. I have fixed several leaking forks with this method, and it's well worth a try before spending hundreds on new seals. Try "seal mate" I almost guarantee it will fix the majority of leaking fork seals. The seals on my Aprilia 125 were weaping, I fixed them in 5 minits flat.
  10. A piece of 35mm film is a good substitute for a Sealmate. Check there are no stone bruises or pits in the chrome on the fork stanchion, and always clean off dried bug guts and dirt, which can kill seals very quickly.
  11. Thanks again for all the advice. I think I'll get this bike back, and try to clean up the seals as suggested. I reckon that could be all it needs...
  12. Any one can do it.

    Delboy shows ya how....

  13. U can make your own seal mate by cutting up a piece of plastic yourself. I used old plastic peanut butter jar. Worked great on my ktm 450. YouTube has some videos from memory
  14. U can make your own seal mate by cutting up a piece of plastic yourself. I used old plastic peanut butter jar. Worked great on my ktm 450. YouTube has some videos from memory