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Fork seal life?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by n2o_spark, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. My question to you is:
    How long would you expect fork seals to last?

    The story,
    I had my forks serviced in January after the left one leaked ( it lasted 16,500 k's ). They replaced both seals, and I replaced both pairs of brake pads as I think it's a bit stupid only doing 1 pair at a time.
    Now 6 months on, the right seal has shit itself and leaked all over the near new right set of pads. I've done about 1,500 k's in that time....
    So I took it to the shop, and one mechanic said that 'they're a consumable item so it's normal for them to wear out'
    Pretty much telling me to suck it up.
    Not satisfied, I spoke to one of the sales people who has told the owner and will take a look at it later next week.

    I'll be pretty much pushing for warranty, as my bike gets used 3-4 times a week, and i've not done that many K's really. However I'm aware and most people experiences are they they are not covered by warranty and i'll be up for another $300 in servicing and $100 in pads ( probably will only do the right's this time )

  2. Bought my bike in May 2006 and replaced the seals mid 2009. Last time it was the LH that failed and both replaced. I noticed my RH seal started weeping a couple weeks ago. So that's about 3.5 years which is a little longer (3 years) than a Honda dealer mentioned when I got the quote.
  3. Near the sea, I would be happy with 16,500. Not with six months.
    It could be a lot of things but I would look really well at my inner tubes. Better than look, a quick run with auto sol or something like that that will show the tiniest pimple and hopefully feel it.
    Other things can be poor fitting from not cleaning out under the old ones well.
    Up here on the sun coast the beaches are silicone sand. Just destroys anything chrome in no time.
  4. Q. How worn were/are the fork bushes ??

    No use putting new seals in if the bushes are worn. That will chew the seals in no time.
  5. My lowers are still nice and black, and very smooth where i can feel.
    I was told my forks are in good condition after i had them last serviced.
    I guess I'll wait and see what the owner has to say. Total K's travelled is 18k now
  6. at 1500km the mechanic damaged them putting them in or you have pitting on your forks. Seems the mechanic would have picked up the pitting.

    15,000km, on good forks, would seem a reasonable minimum, but does depend on the bike design and how dusty the riding conditions are.

    I've got 100,000 on my originals, but the have little shields and the forks are up under the fairing.
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  7. I put 70.000 on my K6 before I got the forks serviced, and even then I didn't have any leaks, although I can't wheelie to save myself.

    I wouldn't expect a freebie but hopefully they give you a bit of discount.
  8. Fork 6 months out of seals. They messed up (or pitting as suggested) and want you to fork out more. Fork them. Might just be some crap in there.

    I have some of these http://sealmate.net/ but haven't tried them yet.
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  9. I not lifted the front wheel once yet, would love to get to the track to try though.
    Good to hear what kind of k's people are getting though.
    I'm a pretty soft rider, thus far i've gotten 8000k's from a pilot pure..

  10. they look pretty neat, are they available locally?
  11. Not sure where I got them now. I think probably from OS.
  12. Sold it at 96,000kms with about a dozen trackdays and it never missed a beat :)

    Oh yeah, it got a new clutch at one point but that was about it.
  13. 1500km's out of your fork seal :eek:
    If it was an off road bike... yeah maybe... but not a roadbike!
    Even 16500kms, seemed early for me, although your bike is a 2006 model, so time may have caused problems.
    I change fork oil every 2 years (most service manuals, recommend it yearly), it is important to keep fork seals clean too.

    Pitted fork tubes tend to make seals leak. (I will use some wet/dry 800grade on the innertubes, when fitting seals to my offroad bikes)
    If you aren't doing them yourself, take your bike to a different mechanic or better still a suspension specialist.
  14. Turns out it was dirt stuck up in the seal, they cleaned it out, and now it's better. However despite the dust seals being cracked when they last serviced them, they did not replace, and that's why dirt has gotten up they say.... well.... i'll see how long it lasts for, probably get myself one of those cool little seal cleaners. and keep in mind that the dust seals need doing. But at $298 in labour last time to get them done, i'm not in a bit rush this time...
  15. On right way up forks dust seals are a half hour job for an amateur. USD are more complicated.

    Hence why usds do nothing for me.
  16. Seals are also a damage item; dried bug guts or any other debris stuck to the fork stanchion can cut a nick in a seal in a second. I've had to replace two in a month due to this, in the 40,000km since then, none.