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Fork oil. How often do you change?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dirtydannyd123, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. JHey All,
    just wondering how often fork oil should be changed? :?:
    I'm thinking about having mine done but I don't ride so much in winter. :p
    I just don't want to change it now then have to change it again in 6 months when I'm riding the bike more.

    Does it stay good for a few years or just a few months and does it depend on the oil ie. mineral, synthetic? :D
  2. good question.

    My guess would be similar to brake fluid. i.e. 2 years. Then again it does a bit more work, so maybe 12 months. 6 sounds to often.

    anyone else?
  3. I'd be doing my brakes every year for a start. Fork oil is something that isn't discussed much but you don't have to panic if it's more than a couple of years old. After 5 I'd be getting it done but I do not know of the correct schedule so better to ask a service centre, or better still call Suspensions ' R ' Us, find them in the yellow pages.
  4. Manufacturers now talk about changing it every 10 - 12 000 k.
  5. Yeah, you could probably change it every 5 years but how long does it "stay good" for? If it says good for just 6 months then that's a bit of a bummer. I'm guessing maybe a year or so??? (just a guess, I really don't know)
    I'm also guessing that fully synthetic would last longer than mineral fork oil...........
  6. well there's no real wear and tear on it [fork oil] heat wise it is just there to lube. 5 years seems reasonable. that makes me wonder weather I should get both of mine done at all now that only 1 of my fork seals is busted.
  7. Well sealed shocks are normally good for 30,000kms or so on a bike before performance starts to noticibly degrade so I'd expect fork oil to be similar (maybe a bit less as it isn't really sealed.

    So about every 20,000 kms or there abouts sounds about right.

    As for time, well I've seen black mucky fork oil on bikes that are 3 years old, and nearly clean fork oil on bikes more than 5 years old.

    I guess it depends upon how much (and where) you ride your bike to some extent.
  8. Patske, if one seal has gone the other will probably not be far behind. I had one go and only fixed the one leg, within a couple of months the other side went. I'd say it's worth doing both so both sides are fresh and 100%.
  9. I would suggest its done a bit sooner than that

    I do mine every 18 months or 10,000 at the most
    and it comes out black......putrid

    I thru a pic post of the last fork oil service on my Kwaka here-
    and yes
    that black crap in the container is fork oil........after 7500clicks

    do it sooner, rather than later
    the difference is very noticeable

  10. Checking both owner manuals for the Peg and Strom, forkoil is supposed to be changed every 2 years.
    From my experience, changing the non-leaking, still good, forkseal is a waste of time. It could last another 2 weeks...or 5 years. The busted one is no indicator for *wear*, those things can let go anytime, anywhere...

    Unless the bike's been stored, unused, for looong periods, I'd only change the leaking one. Many seals are available through Bearings/ Seals shops (if they're not a propriatary size).
    Check slider-leg for pitting/corrosion/ surface damage first. They can be either polished or re-chromed (most forktubes are around $250-700 new, depending on model). Polishing about $60-75, re-chroming about twice that much (up to $200 incl. getting rid of the old coating)
  11. If you buy through a bike shop such as MCAS you will get two in the pack anyway.

    pulling the faring off, jacking the bike up, removing the front wheel. It's only a few minutes more to change the second. Besides you would have new oil in one leg and not the other if you didn't.

    Definetly change both.
  12. since this is fork related I'll ask here I've got my fork seals and oil being replaced on friday does anyone know if the guys at the service centre will smooth out the pistons on the forks aswell to stop them from tearing again or will they leave them as is? like if there is a dead bug or some rust or something on em causing the seal to rupture.
  13. If they are good guys, then yes.

    But there is only so mch they can do. If it is pitted then there is not much hope.
  14. If you buy those packs, you're right.

    Depending on when fork-oil was changed last etc. ...fully agree.
    Doing the work on my own bike...again, fully agree. While at it, do the lot.
    Was rather thinking in terms of paying someone to do the job here...
  15. I always wipe down my forks after a ride,

    dust/dirt/bugs/road grime - are the enemy that ruin your seals and contaminate your fork oil.

    thats why many moto-x bikes have fork covers fitted.

    black fork oil after 7500km is not normal.

    Upside down forks help with gravity stopping crap clogging seals up, longer service life with this type of fork i would think.
  16. how much would i be looking at to get the fork oil and seals done?

    what about the rear end or are they mainly gas shocks?
  17. I've been quoted about $300 to 'redo' the front, new fork oil and new seals, 'redo' the back and put a new spring on the back.

    I don't quite know what 'redo' is but it sounds like newing it up a bit :LOL:
  18. If the seals are good, there is nothing to contaminate fork oil - unlike blowby creating acids in engine oil.

    The monograde oils have nothing to break down over time and use, so the only thing you really have to worry about is oxidation. If you are using a full synthetic fork oil, neither of these should be a problem. Conclusion: if seals are ok, don't worry about changing the fork oil; OR, if you just like to play with your bike instead of your missus, do it anyway not because it needs it but just to show it how much you care!
  19. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8123&highlight=

    if you scroll down a bit I rang 3 places in sydney and they all quoted me around the 300 mark