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Fork Lifts

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nibor, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. no, not those fore-arm building excercises where u get food from the plate to your gob :p - one of those big things with pointy bits :grin:

    has anyone got a licence? who uses em and what type of Lift?

    im thinking about getting my licence, as i'm looking at jobs in the warehousing/logistics industry, purely because its alright work, nothing highly technical and it pays well. i need a second job to suppliment the income, or in this case probably become the main income, Coles can KMA :LOL:

    dont know whether to get LF or LO, but im thinking LO would be more useful.

    so yeah any feeback from you guys would be sweet :grin:
  2. I considered getting mine too - problem is though people wont employ you if yuo dont have experience... and you can't get experience unless you're employed :p

    Talk to your bosses and get them in on the idea then you can gain experience.
  3. coles have manual and electric pallet jacks. ive got 4 and 3 years experience using those, respectively. we dont touch forklifts, not instore anyway. DC would.

    but yeah, it took them 3 years to officially train me with the electric jack....

    once upon a time :LOL: i askedfor a 'licence' for one, as this way both my and coles' arses were covered legally if anything happened. theyre alot easier to use (read: lazy :p) than the manual jacks, especially in a store on a gradient.

    "yeah sure, we'll train u up in a couple of weeks"

    ive used them for 3 years lol, i know what little i need to from the 'training' they were supposed to give, and alot more from workmates and others who use them. i finally signed the bloody piece of paper last week for the licence :LOL:

    woooah long story... so yeah, none at work basically :p
  4. Did mine through chisholm tafe, in Dandenong, very good course, 2 days for under $300 (partially subsidised due to being a tafe course) - if you are looking for employment with a fork licence, after finishing the course go to forstaff, australian personnell, etc (local to the bayswater area), and do temp work as a forkie operator.

    Then when it comes to a cushy parts handling job or packing job with experience required, you're set.
    (And temp work provides contacts - do 2-4 businesses a week, you're likely to get one or two contacts, if you ask)

    Also, I'd avoid some of the mobile testers - the amount of dodgey stories (both anecdotal and witnessed) have really sullied that aspect of the industry in my mind.
  5. i only have LF have had for past 4 years, loading - unloading timber & pallets upto 4 ton. used to drive 8 ton articulated in the saw mill.they do forklift , tilt-tray and i think cranes http://www.forkliftlicense.com/stockpicker.htm
  6. I got all my licences at the place tigger suggested. They're not bad, pretty straight down the line. I found they don't have much tolerance for idiots though (bit like me, really). If you struggle and they can see you are trying they would help you as much as needed. As for experience, its the ol catch 22 situation. As suggested, an agency would probably be a good place to start. Unfortunatly, the trend seems to be that most of the big warehouses are moving out to the western suburbs. Try and get experience on a reach fork, too, as thats what a lot of warehouses use (and not as many people have experience on a reach). Any other q's, feel free to pm me, dude :cool:
  7. I drive forks from a walkie reach to 40ton container forks .
    The 40ton container forks are easy to drive ,easier then a pallet fork ,so if you see a job for one don't be put off .
    I help train new guys with tickets they got in a 2 day course from the forklift schools and their doing good with in 2 days.

    I think they changed the rules ""from what I have been told"" ,when I did my course years ago ....it was a code {LF} Which meant Light Fork ,but that LF code doesnt mean any thing ..,you can drive any fork and it's and open ticket.
    So call your local work cover to "double check ",you might be able to drive the big ones and not know it.

    On another note ........,alot of the contractor assessors from years ago had the licences taken off them ,and all the people they assessed have had the licence revoked ,so if you got your licence a few years ago and changed address and work cover can't find you to notify you ,you maybe unlicensed.
    Also they are putting your picture on the new workcover card and in the next year or 2 you will have to update your card.

    This happened to about 20 of our guys ,one assessor our company used had his licence canceled ,because he was dodgy and everyone he passed and gave a ticket to ....they also lost their tickets ,one day they where driving cranes and then next day grounded and they had to sit a 2 week course again ,even though they had been driving the machines everyday for 5+ years.

    I had my 80ton crane licence revoked ,but it didn't matter to me as I had sat a 120ton+ open ticket with another assessor and that ticket over wrote the other.
  8. as far as i know and what ive been told, that is correct i drive ether a 3 ton or a 1.5 but can use bigger if i ever got a job that needs it
  9. Yes definately laws have changed.. The old licences are open licence to drive any fork.. The newer ones have limitations..

    If any of you with licences are unaware, they are changing to National licences. You have to go on to worksafe website and follow the links to forlift licencing. You have to register your details, and it will tell you when the licence expires, yes they do expire even though it doesnt say on it.. They will then send you the paperwork when its due and it will then be a photo licence.
    Its called a high risk work licence now..

    actually here is the link.. Forklift Licence Registration
  10. thanks for that, will have to look into it
    Mind you im amazed they have not sent out any info via mail over this...