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Fork/Axle spacer, where does it go?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Doggy, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Hi all. One of my fellow riders took my bike for a ride the other day and commented on how he felt that the triple clamp/bars did not match wheel position. I have noticed this myself and also the front guard doesn't point the same way as the tyre. They are a few degrees off. Not that noticeable but now that it's pointed out, well it really shits me now.

    My friend pointed out that he thought the problem was the incorrect positioning of a axle spacer. See the pic below.

    I don't have access to a workshop manual and it's been like that since I bought the bike.

    The bikes a GS500K3

  2. There's two ways you could go about this,

    1: if your confident with your ability's or have a mate nearby who can help, try removing the front wheel and swapping the spacers to the oppisite sides. But once you do this BEFORE the final tightening of the wheel back up, tripple check the clearances all around wheel to forks / brake disk to fork etc etc

    2: any bike shop would gladly check this out for you and for a minimum charge set it up properly for you

  3. Sorry all the link is now working.

    More info: The spacer was in that position when I bought the bike from the local shop. I'll go back there and ask them to fix but I would like to know what I'm taking about first :p

  4. If the brake caliper lines up the spacer must be in the right place.

    The only way it couldn't be is if it's a single disc(which I believe it is), the capiler is on the wrong side of the mount and the distances happen match that of twice the spacer.

    Very unlikely.

    It should be on the oposite side tot the speedo drive. Thats basically what it's for. One side is spaced out from the folk by the speedo. The other by the spacer

  5. Thanks, I've checked out the diagram and the bike (not pulled apart, I'm at work). The spacer indicated by the black arrow does not appear on the diagram. It looks like the No.5 part is ok, it has to cover the bearing right? I can't see any gap around the bearing. I'llgo to the shop this arvo and get them to check.