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Fork Advice

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by stigger, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. I've got a flungdung 650 (I know that's my main problem) It's been in for replacement seals. and now I don't seem to have any stops on the rebound adjuster. Who ever did it backed off the adjusters and didn't put them back where they were so when I went set it back to stock the right hand one just goes around instead of having 12 clicks...

    Any ideas ???
  2. If you paid money to have the job "professionally" done then there is an expectation that the job should have been done properly.

    Take it back to whoever did the job as they haven't re-assembled the forks correctly.
  3. Unfortunatly I've lost confidence in ever getting anything "professionally" done by a bike shop, so I'm trying to gather some knowledge on what happens under the cap so I don't get blagged again...
  4. at least get the problem fixed by those who created it first.. being stung is a biatch but they should at least sort it out for you.. then tell people you know never to go there.
  5. Clicks are a nice guide but they don't stop anything from working. If they can't fix it, all you do is see how many turns the adjuster has from bottom to top, then divide that by the number of clicks in the full adjustment range to learn whether a click is a half turn, quarter turn or whatever. Then you can set it as per normal.
  6. It's the clicks I have, what I don't have is the top or bottom.

    I can't turn it all the way clock wise and the back off 3 clicks because it will go clockwise for ever if I keep going it obviously should be attached to something that it isn't anymore...
  7. Seems like they didn't attach the cartridge properly. I remember the Suzuki workshop manual was wrong in the manner in which it instructed you to put it back together.

    From memory I only ended up with half the adjustment.

    Maybe the method they used was wrong, or the didn't do up a lock nut and it come undone the first time you used it.

    Take it back.