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Forgot how good it feels

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kraven, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Just got back from my first ride in almost 10 weeks and it feels GREAT!!!!
    I started to forget how good it feels to lean into corners, lane split traffic and just be on the bike in general.

    When i was heading down my street it felt exactly like the first time i ever rode it home, all nervous and trying to get a feel for the bike again but 1hr later and after a few local twisties pretty much everything has come back and i can't wait to get out there again....Hopefully tomorrow :grin:

    Just had to share :)
  2. The world seem so much better perched on a motobycicle doesn't it! Mine's off the road for repairs so I'll hopefully be experiencing tha same as you in a fortnight or so :)
  3. I know what you mean mate, every now & then when riding home I just get this big grin across my face & think to myself "jees this is fun!"
  4. congrats dude!

    how did your wrist cope?

    Hope to see you back on teh bike at coffee tonight :)
  5. i know what you mean.
    i nearly lost interest, then i was asked to go in a ride for a funeral precession for a mate.
    now i cant keep off it!

    not only that, it made me sign up here and now i have an unhealthy obsession with this forum
    i went :? :) :grin: :LOL: :cool:
    wife went :) :shock: :mad: :evil: :(
  6. Welcome back Michael.
  7. Welcome "back" Michael :grin: