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Forget your 0-100 time, what's you 0-1000mph time?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Morbo28, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. I reckon if I bore out the cylinder, use a stroker crank and maybe some nitrous, my NSR could come close to this.


    From Brisbane to Sydney in half an hour - by car
    Richard Blackburn | October 23, 2008 - 1:48PM
    A British team is planning to build a car that is literally faster than a speeding bullet.

    British media reports say the group, which holds the current world land speed record, is building a rocket-powered car it claims will be capable of reaching 1000 miles per hour (1610km/h).

    That speed is faster than a bullet fired from a Magnum pistol - and fast enough to get from Sydney to Brisbane in less than half an hour.

    The car will be driven by RAF pilot Andy Green, the man who holds the current record of 1228km/h set in 1997.

    The team expects the car, named Bloodhound, to make its first attempt on the record in 2011.

    The car is made of carbonfibre and titanium and powered by a rocket attached to a jet engine from a Eurofighter Typhoon military plane donated by the British Ministry of Defence.

    It is 12.8 metres long and weighs a hefty 6.4 tonnes, but is expected to accelerate from 0-1690km/h in just 40 seconds. It will take more than 14km to complete the record run.

    The project has the backing of Britain’s new science minister, Lord Paul Drayson, who used to be a racing driver.

    He approached the team when he was in the Ministry of Defence to ask them to do something to inspire children to take up a career in science and technology.

    "The consequences if we don't inspire the next generation are that we will wither as a country," Lord Drayson told BBC News Online.

    "Over the centuries, we've been involved in some of the most important scientific discoveries. The Brits are good at science. We have got to make sure the next generation gets the vision, and has the opportunity to maintain that tradition."

    The team will be based in Filton, Bristol - the home of the Concorde.

    The jet engine will produce about 20,000 lbs (90 kilonewtons) of thrust and will be paired with a hybrid rocket engine that produces about 110kN of thrust.

    The rocket will provide most of the power to get the car to the speed of sound (approximately 1235km/h), while the typhoon engine will kick in to push the car to the new record speed.

    The Bloodhound is not just racing against the clock in its attempt on the world land speed record. There are believed to be three separate projects planning an assault on the record
  2. Thats quick for a car . I wonder what the budget is ? Some people just have too much mony.

    You could throw the nsr down a mine shaft with a tail wind i still doubt you get 120mph out of it :LOL:
  3. They're just building a jet that will fail to take off.


  4. It could....if it all goes horribly wrong.
  5. They're just building a bomb that only explodes in one direction.

  6. Unless it all goes horribly wrong ...
  7. Current Record : 1228km/h
    Speed of Sound : 1235km/h
    I think not.
    Getting something to handle crossing through the sound barrier with the standing wave associated with it, while staying on the ground and not rattling it’s self to bits will be a real challenge.
    When it has the sonic boom, it will have a reflected boom from the ground underneath it.
    The challenge makes the speed of sound in an aircraft seem like a high school science project.
    Good luck to em.
  8. my zzr250 will shit all over that...
  9. yeah it will be interesting, though pointless as far as i can tell, i mean it's dangerous to do 105km/hr :roll:
  10. +1 I always wondered if it would qualify if you get a supersonic jet and just barely keep the wheels on the ground.
  11. Quick! Email them, they need this sort of info.
  12. Nice plan, but you would rip the undercarriage off before ou hit mach 1, if you could do it at all at sea level with the extra drag.
  13. #13 Morbo28, Oct 24, 2008
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    Yeah you can do it at sea level, there was a cool vid of a jet going supersonic, filmed from a cliff, it was pretty cool.

    I would think you could get up to speed, and basically just do really really really high speed circuits - juuusssst touching down on a runway for a kilometer so. As oyu say, would probly fcuk the plane pretty badly, but that's where they're headed.

    EDIT: vid was from an aircraft carrier:


    The second one shows the effect on the water of flying close to it. As was mentioned, imagine being on the ground when you actually break the sound barrier.
  14. I don't think it's as much of an issue as you're hypothesising, for two reasons:
    * At the presently-achieved speeds, landspeedrecord vehicles are already well into the transonic regime, though I don't know the critical Mach number for the Bloodhound or any of the other landspeed vehicles. Either way, at that speed they are already dealing with shocks forming on the vehicle.
    * Beneath the vehicle the flow will be more like the air travelling through a duct; we already build jet turbine and ramjet engines which breathe at those speeds - point being that we have a good understanding of how to control, avert and withstand those shocks.

    Edit: I should say; it's still a tremendous challenge... But the hardest part of supersonic flight is pushing through the transonic region. Once you're on the other side of the speed of sound, drag is tremendously reduced and everything goes pretty smooth.
  15. A vehicle this fast is going to need rear number plates, front number plates and side number plates if the greed cameras are going to stand any chance.
  16. In one of the 20 million shows on the History Channel or Science channel about the US's war efforts and the gadgets that they get to play with I recall one flyby where an F14 had an engine shit itself at Mach 1 just as it passed the carrier. Looked bloody impressive. The aircraft carried on for about 5 miles (8 km) before the pilot could slow it enough for the crew to eject.

    All you could see was smoke on the water almost over the horizon where it ditched.
  17. Used to be that the land speed record was for vehicles with wheels driven by an engine. Now achieving a speed of 1000mph like that would be a real engineering challenge.
  18. Mmm, got a way to go yet.

    Fastest motorcycle streamliner is only 350.8mph/561.3kph (averaged over 2 passes). Fastest wheel driven car was the Spirit of '76 at 659.81kph, though apparently Goldenrod still holds the official record for its class (658.65kph) since Spirit of '76 was supercharged and Goldenrod was not. Heh.

    (Oh, and apparently the ThrustSSCC did go supersonic, in both directions, so clearly supersonic isn't an issue)
  19. Of course in these days of environmental whatsit you could always go for the steam car record. Still only 200k/hr set in 1906 by a Stanley Steamer.

    And as far as I know there's no official steam motorcycle record. :LOL:
  20. Yeah i dont know about this whole jet engine car thing. To me those landspeed record 'cars' are just jets with the landing gear down and the wings made smaller. It should be piston or rotary driven engines, not jets engines. Like 4 top fueller motors strapped together engagaing different ratio gearboxes!! Something like that!