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Forget Windows 7, Snow Leopard is here!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by JP, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. Don't have a Mac (but secretly wish I did)

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  1. [​IMG]

    Only $39 for the upgrade too!
    http://www.apple.com/au/macosx for more info

  2. Mine dearer than that upgrade from Tiger... Now I wonder if that Imac disk will work...
  3. I've pre-ordered the family pack version box set of iLife 09, iWork 09 and Snow leopard because I'm still using the 08 versions and wanted to upgrade those as well as Leopard.

    It's supposed to ship on the 28th August :)
  4. Waiting on a grant (what, I should put my hand in my own pocket?!) to update to this on my work desktop and lappie, plus to get Office 2008 on the desktop (so I don't have to convert all those smegging docx files any more).
  5. iI iRun iLinux. iLinux iRocks (tm).
  6. iZZZZZZZZzzzzz
  7. I have a copy on order. :)
  8. I will receive the upgrade directly from Apple Australia gratis.
    it's lovely :)
  9. Buying one of those aluminium macbook pros after the 28th should get me Snow Leopard included, yes? Still will need to order the family pack for the family though.
  10. Yep it should come pre-installed then...best to double check though
  11. Done the pre-order.
  12. $39 bucks aye.

    I'll say this. For all that Apple does and does not do right, they have seriously hit a good thing with how they handle their OS updates and upgrades.
  13. pleasant surprise that it came out a month earlier than they originally said

    i think i'd rather own the 10.6.2 install DVD than the .0 version

    saves headaches in the future
  14. When I got my iMac it was shipped with Tiger. There was a Leopard Install DVD included in the box ;)

    This will most likely be the case with your new mac if it's older stock with Leopard installed.
  15. Reminds me, I must dual-boot something with Jaunty Jackalope, or whatever the latest flavour of Ubuntu is, just to see how far *nix has come in the couple of years since I last played with it.
  16. What's that? I thought the whole point of a Mac was that you didn't have to worry with bothersome and tricky things such as updating the OS as soon as you get it home :p

    Oh, and Bravus, don't know how long its been since you've used *nix. But its come miles. Check OpenSUSE. KDE 4 is starting to mature nicely. (revision 3 now, I think)
  17. Yeah, I was just trying to think back, but I haven't done a lot with it since I came back to Oz 3 years ago, so it's probably at least 4 since I really did much in Linux, so I imagine it's come a fair way. I'd played with SUSE before, so will try Ubuntu for a while and then maybe switch around. In the past it was always fun as an experimental platform but not 'ready for prime time' as a production environment, but I'm hoping that's changed.
  18. Yeah. Its always coming a long way, but I don't think that it will reach a point of usability which will allow it to go prime time for the masses any time soon.

    To date, the only widespread user friendly version of *nix has a half eaten apple on the box.
  19. Is this the asia carerra version of snow leopard?