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Forget the Hummer

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rourkster, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. This is the new urban assault vehicle to look out for.


    It's the new Ford F650. Who wants one?

  2. Geez!

    Why not just have full blown tanks driving on public roads?
  3. ME! Gimme, gimme, gimme.........................

    That is wicked cool! :twisted:
  4. Lord have mercy; a vehicle with its own postcode.....
  5. Excellent, its the perfect vehicle for nipping down the street and picking up the milk, or dropping off the kids at school. I'm sure it has it's purposes, but I'm sure people are just going to buy it because they want a road presence.
  6. I've seen these things in Texas. They use them to tow horse floats the size of semi-trailers with 15 horses in them. Unless they are gunning it on the freeway, you don't hear the engine coming at you first, you hear the tyres!
  7. I have one good use for one of these puppies... THE NEW Netrider Recovery Truck... :wink:

    note: noticed I called it what it is a truck. not a car or a 4wd or a SUV... suv's shouldnt exist in the real world like fairies, unicorns and honest understanding traffic parking officers. So its a truck.
  8. Yeah, SUV's aren't needed close to the city, lets get a 10km CBD ban on SUV's and the like...

    I just hate Soccer Mums... :roll:
  9. post shifted to off topic

    Cheers :cool:
  10. I reckon I could run my bike for a year (or two!) on the fuel that ego-augmentation would use in a week :rofl:
  11. I think I'd like the Jack Daniels one... with 'Hot blonde passengers' option.



  12. hot blond? :cry: damn you got my hopes up now i'm not buying one :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Just what we need to use up the oil reserve and drive green energy forward !
  14. hmmmmmm.... i can see the practicallity of owning such a beast...........


    But i still would buy one. :p
  15. I heard Dr David Suzuki quote an interestint statistic in a speech he gave in Australia recently.....
    The US fleet (encompasses all vehicles on the road) fuel consumption average is now LOWER than it was when the Model T Ford was in production, in spite of modern technology.......shows their priorities quite well in the US, doesn't it?
    And then they have the hide to tell China to clean up it's act........
    I wouldn't buy one in a pink fit, much more competent small trucks around than that useless thing, and I definitely wouldn't buy one for off road work, way too big.
    I think it's interesting things like this can be road registered, but some punter with an old military scout car can't?

    Regards, Andrew.