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Forget spark plugs, check out these pulse plugs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Loz, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. I find these puppies quite an exciting prospect. Extra horsepower, torque and fuel economy (up to 10% of each) just by replacing your spark plugs with these US$25 pulse plugs that operate at 20,000x the wattage, causing quicker and fuller ignition.

    If what they say is true, this is the cheapest and most effective engine performance mod you can make.


    Can anyone point out where their arguments are weak or false? From what the tests say I'd love to put these in my vehicles.
  2. They would need to be charging, whilst not firing and then triggered at the time of firing. You would need a change to your ignition system to do this and even then there would be significantly more load on the alternator and batter, to the point they would need to be redesigned.

    there are not many losses in electrical systems, so there is not much to be gained for no loss, so for the moment my vote goes to the Snake Oil camp.
  3. The company itself claims no modifications are necessary.

    Website: http://www.pulstarplug.com/ (includes lots of pretty pictures and a good explanation of how they operate that I'm too non-techie to understand.)
  4. These is something better then that, Its a spark plug thats suppose to last "forever" and decrease your fuel economy by atlest 50% but no companies will take this guy up on making them because they last "forever" and there wouldn't be much of a profit in that.
  5. They are claiming the plug is 20,000 times more powerfull than a normal plug.

    they claim it does this by reclaiming the heat lost during the normal firing process.

    Now lets for a moment assume the output from a spark plug is only 1 Watt.

    That means around 20kW of energy is being lost to heat.

    I've held spark plugs in my hand during firing and the expression "Bullshit" doesn't even come close to describing the claims being made here.
  6. mmmn sounds interesting...
  7. The principles seem sound, but a second, third party sponsored test should be completed as well. I would love to read the report of the "Independent test". From the diagram, it seems that the system utilises an inductance loop
    to entice more electrons to cross the plug gap whilst the air is ionised. ("Pulse circuit")

    Typical voltages are between 15kV and 30kV (1) so assume 20kV as the required voltage for atmosphere ionisation, and the website quoted 50W and 1MW for the conventional and pulstar plugs, respectively.

    Using Joule's law for an instantaneous approximation, P = VI, (I am fairly sure this process is non-ohmic, anyway, an electrical engineer should be able to school me here)

    I = 2.5mA

    assuming Vmax of 60,000 (insulator limitation, (2))

    1,000,000 = 60,000I

    I = 16.667A

    If they make claims like 1MW spark plugs, my gut reaction is to consider all other data dubious unless it is backed up by evidence. If my interpretation of the data, is incorrect, then I will gladly be corrected.

    Anyone can whack together a website of a few nice cad pictures, Mathematica/EES graphs, and a few burnout and dyno pictures.

  8. :WStupid:
    Numerous points made on their website that are dubious at best (outright fraud at the worst). Conventional plugs are good enough for Formula 1 and MotoGP - they day they switch to "pulse plugs" is the day I might consider buying them.
  9. You can't get something for nothing, more watts must mean more amps, and or more volts.

    As soon as they say "no mods involved" It smells fishy, cos that means the coils, leads igniter etc etc etc must be running at the standard spec.. therefore standard amperage flow, standard voltage (if you are using more amps/volts, then those components are likely to fail earlier) so where is this extra electricity to fatten the spark coming from???

    Reclaim "lost heat"?? The heat in a spark plug is from the combustion process, not spark creation. Plugs are designed to either retain or dissipate heat depending on the application. Are they saying that these magical items can create electricity from latent heat? I'd like some of that please, I'd make a pair of jocks out of the stuff and power my house on the results of baked bean dinners.

    There have been a lot of these sorts of things produced over the years, anyone can make a spark plug fire a big fat spark if you introduce a resistance in the high tension wire... the extra resistance means that the coil must produce a bigger voltage to overcome it. More volts= bigger spark. Downside is the coil will burn out quicker, and you will find the electromagnetic forces that produce the high voltage will not have the time to produce the required volts at higher revs, with a resultant drop in performance.

    I'm guessing its "snake oil" but would like to be proven wrong.

    Claims of performance improvement are easy to make...

    Check out this wonderful piece of US technology here

    It claims ....

    as always

    Caveat emptor
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I didn't see that when I glossed through the web site. So not only does the conventional plug "loose" 950 kW of energy per plug to heat the bike must produce around 1 MW of energy per plug, plus the rated power of the bike.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:


  11. GODAMN!! My old across used to produce 4.4 Megawatts!!!! :shock:

    woohooo :p :p
  12. Given that the power of the whole bike engine is on the order of 100 kW...
  13. looks and sounds like a cap, and as its in the power side of the circuit ie before the spark it might just ad an additional charge. sounds fairly logical.

    then again wouldnt a bigger coil be more effective. however plugs are more marketable as they are easier to fit and will fit most vehicles
  14. This is what I thought at first, but the plug doesn't receive current until the ignition fires, so there is no opportunity to build up charge unless you modify your ignition system.

    the company claim this is not required.

  15. or in the case of an across.......... 36 kw
  16. I very clearly said 'bike', not 'handbag' :p

    (rides away on 30 kW Spada)
  17. get it right!!!

    It's a "MANbag" :grin:
  18. he-purse
  19. The problem is they only work effectively when paired with a flux capacitor :grin: however the side effects are extremely beneficial when time traveling!
  20. Do I detect some slight skepticism?