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Foreign Student riding in Australia

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by PizaStillNotPizza, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    I will be studying in Australia in a few months and will be there for at least 2 years(Haven't decide on which state or University yet). My country(Lao PDR)'s driving permit does not have restriction on CC once you own a permit. I have been riding for the past 7years and would love to continue riding in Australia.

    Here are some questions i would love if someone can clarify for me.

    Is it possible for foreign student to own a motorcycle in Australia?
    Is it expensive to own a motorcycle in Australia?
    Do i need additional riding course to be able to ride?
    How expensive is the insurance?

    Any tips or advices are welcome.
  2. Hey mate. Checked the RMS (roads and maritime services) website for NSW, and here's the deal for you if you choose to move to NSW.

    If you have a full riders licence, and have held it for 3 or more years, you are eligible to apply for an unrestricted riders licence. Follow instructions below...

    What you need to do

    To apply for a NSW licence, you must attend a registry or service centre in person and:

  3. Probably very similar for Victoria. I would suggest you figure out where you'll be coming to first, then check that state's road authority website for details.
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  5. Welcome to whatever state you come to...
  6. Thanks guys, by tomorrow I should be able to decide where to study after checking out study fair. I did not realize that each states have their onw regulations.

    BerekBerek if I hadn't just sold my street triple, I would gladly lend you the bike while you are here:D
  7. Welcome! I was in Laos last year and absolutely loved it!

    Hope you really enjoy wherever in Aus you decide on. :)
  8. You will have to see if Australia recognises Lao licences (likely not) as comparable to Aussie licence. You will likely have to undergo some additional licence assessments here to get Aussie licence. You can usually drive / ride on foreign licence in Oz for 3 months before you'll need get Aussie one. You will need to get you Lao licence translated by officially licenced translator and carry a copy with your Lao licence also if driving / riding on Lao licence.

    I had to do all this when returned from China with Chinese licence (Aussie one had expired many years before) even though I am an Aussie.

    Lao is one of my favourite countries in Asia and I enjoyed travelling most of your beautiful country for many years. There where only 3 paved roads in Vientiane when I first went there, was good to see the development over the years. I hope Australia makes you feel as welcome here as your country folk did when I visited your country. Oh, and bring me some Lao Khao, Bier Lao and some HongHua too please!
  9. As a student visa holder you can use your license as I know and you don't have to get Australian license as long as you are on a student visa. 3 months rule is for when you become a permanent resident or if you are a returning citizen in CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster 's case.

    Of course things could have been changed since then and differ between states. Better double check.

    In my case, 8 years in Aus I drive with my overseas license for about 7 years. Even had an accident and haven't had problems with insurance. I was in NSW for the first 2 years and only requirement back then was spending 6 months in Aus to be able to apply for a license.

    I don't know if you have manual and auto license separate in your home but here it is separate. So I suggest get the manual one if you can.
  10. I ruled out some choices down to Victoria, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. Still has apply and see if they any of the Universities I chose will accept me.

    flickkflickk great to hear that you had a great time here

    CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster will definitely bring you some Beer Lao for sure ;). It's good to hear that our country treats you well.

    KalihoraKalihora thank you for additional informations. Laos does not have seperate auto-manual licenses, but I will look further if my international driving licenses can be use there. Another question, would coming from right-hand traffic country be a problem there?
  11. Hello Piza and welcome. It hope it all goes well for you.
  12. Only if you try to drive on the right in Oz! I find it makes no difference to me - just be sure to think which side you need be on when pulling out onto a road, especially when is no traffic about as that is the time habit can take over and you'll find yourself on the wrong side
  13. Hi, I was coming here as student too. In Victoria you don't need to have an Australian Licence if you hold temporary/student visa. When I became permanent, I have to get Victoria Licence. And when you on your overseas licence, the condition of those licence applies here too. So if you have no restrictions there, no restrictions here. Hope it helps, and goodluck with your application.
  14. Thanks for the kind thought. Not sure how I'd have gone driving on the wrong side of the road ;)