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Foreign License; Detailed Question...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mowster, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Ave comrades

    When transferring a foreign license, do the authorities have a detailed list of the particular nations` license coding?

    Most particularly, if I have a foreign driver/rider license which shows a little picture of a car and a bike with a date`s of issue plus letter/ number code`s e.g. "A or B or R" ; is this referenced against the aussie equivalent??



    Somewhat Apprehensive

  2. I think you will find mate that it depends on which state you are in. The laws in melbourne for example are different to those in WA in regards to recognising different levels of international licensing from selected countries in particular.

    A little more info and Im sure we can point you in the right direction.
  3. he's from zurich, not melbourne :p

    but yeah, we need some more information, Mr. Apprehensive.
    paticularly your credit card number and expiry date.
    thankyou kindly.

    Surprisingly Convincing
  4. On the various states`websites, you can find a list of countries which the particular state will recognise, and transfer license directly.
    Switz. is usually one.

    But as there is often different categories for scooter, truck, tractor, learner, old-age etc........is this cross referenced in every instance??

    Does anyone know about policy in this regard?

    ( yah yah, I know; depends on who serves you at the licensing dept )


    Mounting Apathy
  5. i am in the same boat as you (but from uk not swiss) all i can say is hang on to your foreign licence as long as possible

    when you do get round to changing it over you will find (especially with vicroads) they have no clue as to what they are doing

    on the back of my license is a picture of a bike and a small truck (bike and car up to light goods vehicle) they tried to tell me that i had no car license but could get MR (medium rigid) endorsement, took about an hour of pissing about till i got it sorted
  6. Cheers sluglie


    Methinks the answer will be " we dont know" or "no"......
  7. I came here from the UK in 96 with a full car and bike licence. Neither were recognised as direct transfers from the UK system and I had to take both tests again. However, I had no qualifying periods and was not subject to any P plates etc..

    It wasn't that hard.
  8. What about the laws in the rest of Victoria? How do they apply in this regard?
  9. Who cares.

    My point was simply that it is easy to answer this fellows question, but he needs to give more details, no kidding he is from Zurich, thats not why I mentioned WA or Melbourne, they were mentioned because a comparison often works better when there are subjects to compare.

    If he tells us which state he is looking to get licensed in, finding the information for him is a piece of piss.

    I mean for fcuks sake stop trying to be clever, and do something smart instead.
  10. HeHe

    thrilled to be the subject of some spirited debate :LOL:

    Anyways.....lookin to move to Darwin from zurich ( next week akshully )

    I`ve checked the NT guidelines, and the most detail found, was the previously mentioned list of recognised nations for direct transfer....

    meeeh.......i`m gonna find out within a week

    Isn`t it a long weekend this coming weekend?

    Ideally, deskbound folks will still be a little euphoric after a long weekend, and less likely to be narcs about nebulous subjects... :?
  11. http://www.nt.gov.au/transport/mvr/licensing/infobulletins/ibl15.pdf


    Here is what you need mowster.

    It appears they (Northern Territory) will recognize both your C (car) and R (bike) levels of licensing, And anything else if you are from New Zealand, from the other countries on the list, just C and R. It allows you to skip the theory and practical steps of retesting, which should save you a little cash.

    Congratulations, Switzerland is on the list. You just need to supply them with the permit, and you should be good to go. You also have 3 months to make the transfer, so no rush either.

    The second link is the info about identification papers you will need in the Northern Territory to be able to have your license issued. Its fairly self explanatory, and you only need 3 items to pass.

    All the best.
  12. Cheers VTR

    I have those documents in hand (in my favorites, no less)

    Is the "R" for motorbike a universal code in the listed countries?
    (this was my core question)
    I have another letter-number combo, and will just have to see what I can get away with...
    Worst case is fangin down the Stuart Highway at a limited 80k`s for a year....hmmmmmm


    concerned but powerless
  13. Extracted from the NT transport site.

    To Transfer your overseas licence you will need to :

    * provide a valid and current overseas driver licence
    * provide an international driving permit (issued in country of origin) or;
    * an official translation of the overseas licence into English by an Authorised Translator; or
    * an original letter from the licensing authority in the country of origin or the relevant consul or diplomatic corps confirming the licence details and status.
    * pass an eyesight test
    * provide completed form L1- Application for a Northern Territory Driver/Rider Licence.’
    * provide Evidence of Identity and Residency.

    From that I would gather that if you provide your Swiss license to them, they have the information on hand to determine the level of licensing that it provides, as providing the physical license is the top of their list.

    If they do claim that the codes on it mean nothing to them, then you can get an official letter from the swiss consulate, that translates/explains the licensing codes on the license and that will be accepted also.

    All the best.