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Ford XR8s, how many kms is too high?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Gurbachen, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. So I'm looking at XR8s for my next car, and I wondered if anyone here had any particular knowledge of them. I tried googling but my search terms were too vague to come up with anything useful. At the moment I'm looking at two 2002 AUIII models. One is $9k, white (which I'd have to respray, so ugly and boring), with something like 195000kms on it. The other is $13k, gorgeous dark green which I could definitely live with, and 125000kms or so. Both have leather interior that seem to be in roughly comparable condition. What I'm asking is, how many kms would be considered high for one of these models? How far can the engines typically go before they start failing? If they can last 500000kms, then the difference we're talking about is far less significant. With a difference of $4k between them, and assuming similar condition mechanically and visually (paint, interior etc.), is 60000 less kms and a better colour worth the extra money? Suppose a respray would cost a couple thousand, closing the gap in price. As usual using you netriders as a sounding board haha

  2. 60000km is about 2 years of driving (average 30k km/year).

    This, however, like many mechanical things, will depend on how well the car has been looked after. I know cars with 400k km on the clock, been serviced regularly and run better than cars that have been sitting in the garage for the occasional drive with about 120k km on the clock. In saying that, cars with more kilometers means more wear and tear on running gear. Things can be neglected, such as differential services (if it whines, don't take it, will cost a fair bit to fix/rebuild), bushes and some sensors (O2 especially...should be replaced every 80000km or so).

    AU3 in general were good cars...more so for the 6 cylinder due to their reliability over the previous E-series models. I'm not 100% sure on V8s, but they seem to last forever if treated well, you don't hear too many V8s losing a head gasket as much as the 6 cylinders.

    Regarding the paint work...depending how much work you want done, it can cost anywhere between $2000 (for a close door spray) to $10000+ (for complete sand back, respray, in and out). If you get a white car and do a closed door spray, they will just mask up everything that doesn't need paint, sand back the clear and some of the white, then spray over the top a few coats of colour and hopefully 2 to 3 coats of clear...however the engine bay, inside door frames will still have the original colours.

    As anything, buying anything second hand is a gamble...if you can get a car with a colour you like without any signs of rust showing, then I think you should pick that...for it will be easier to do a respray of the same colour. Mechanically wise, that depends on the previous owner...best to see any invoices of history of car. Single owners are usually best.
  3. No one really flogs a v8 from idle to redline every takeoff. Just look for usual signs of age, look through service book etc. A normal life should be at least 300k.
  4. Just do the research on that era of engine.

    With 8 pistons, you up the potential cost of major engine work. Some things that spring to mind - piston slap, leaking valve seal, excessive blowby from 8 worn pistons (or perhaps not that well seated in the first place)

    Try to get a listen to the engine starting while cold, listen for knocking, puffs of smoke.
  5. Going to see the white one on Tuesday, unfortunately the pretty green one was sold like two minutes after posting this. Thanks for the advice guys
  6. 1km is to high, get a Holden
  7. AUIII XR8 great engine, hand built tickfords, if looked after, good for easy 500.000km's
  8. your question is silly, engines will go almost forever in these

    transmissions and diffs will not!

    do not bother with a respray, look for the car in the colour that you want
  9. I'm impatient, don't wanna have to wait :p I'll go check out this white one but unless it's in absolutely gorgeous condition I'll keep looking. Start looking at other cars too. Been in love with RX-7s since Tokyo Drift, might have to become a wanker and get one :p
  10. LOL.

    You were worried about reliability of an XR8 engine, now your looking at rotaries?
  11. Oh I dunno, I think rotaries are reliable, they just arent durable.

    I think they mainly get a bad rep because too many owners modify them till the engine goes bang.

    The old 13b's are a bit long in the tooth now though, and not as reliable as a modern renesis.

    Though its a bit hard to tell what you want in an engine now? On one hand you want a lumping V8, then on the other you want something you have to rev to 10 grand?
  12. V8s can also rev out to 10000RPM...just depends how deep your pockets are. It would be one insane engine rebuild though...tolerances would be minute!
  13. Mainly down to piston speed and internal mass. I was mainly thinking of day to day usability though. The rotary wont be any fun unless your revving it, at least the V8 has usable power at only a few thousand RPM.

    If it were me I would skip the old windsor V8's and have a look at an xr6 turbo - whichever year you can afford.
  14. Not worried about reliabilities, just perspective on how many kms is actually a lot. eg the XR8 with 194k, if they can go to 500k, not a big deal. RX-7 I'm going to see on the same day has 135k on it, if they blow up at 140k, big deal
  15. Owning a rotary is like owning a 2-stroke bike. You need to be confident in rebuilding them at home. It's not that hard to do, but you will need to do it regularly.

    As for the xr8, I'm not sure I'd trust the American modular v-8 for reliability the same way I would the Aussie 6.
  16. Well a car needs a hook for me to stay interested, and unfortunately for me, reliability is not a hook :p XR8 has the V8 VROOOOM, RX-7 has the sports car wank appeal, having a look at Nissan 200SXs, got this aggressive looking front end. My first car was a beat-down '72 Fairlane, and my first bike a Royal Enfield, should show you how regrettably absent my respect for reliability is haha