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Ford Territory owners - WTF is this?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MV, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. As above, these are under my fuel filler cap, can't any reference in the manual or a quick search on google... anybody? They appear to be air valves, like you would find on a tyre...


  2. looks like some one has added old school pump up
    add air car goes up
  3. thats if they are air valves - i cant see pic properly
    as i am on my phone , as usual
  4. Just a guess, but they are probably release valves for gas build up in the fuel tank.
  5. I've never seen those on any Territory I've driven.

    I'm with Phil in that I reckon it could be aftermarket air suspension. I had that on the rear of a Sigma wagon I used to own and it just had a standard tyre valve at the back. Putting it in the fuel flap makes more sense though, since it'd prevent people from messing with it. Two valves might mean separate front/rear.
  6. Look in your coil springs. If there are red/blue/black rubber things, then someone has added load levellers for towing.

    Like these: http://www.polyair.com.au/
  7. definitely not like that from the factory. nice runners by the way.
  8. left right on rear most likely
    i cant make out if there tyre valves though ??
  9. Thanks, they're new. :p

    That makes sense, it has a towbar & electric brakes system fitted, i'll have a look under it & see if I can see any airbags.

    Does that mean I can slam it to the ground by letting all the air out?

    The downside is, it was probably used to haul big heavy things before I bought it...

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    Yes, tyre valves.
  10. Nope, they're just helper airbags, used to correct sag when a high ball load is attached.
  11. Push and see what happens... Jus sayin'
  12. Hell yeah... I mean what could possibly go wrong :)
  13. Bingo! Airbags.


    Front one is the left, back is the right.

    Right had 13 psi, left had...0.

    Played around with the settings & settled on 5psi, anyone know what pressures these things should work at & what brand they might be?
  14. have a look at the nut on the bottom of shocker
    if its a nylon lock nut ( single nut ) its likely monroe

    pressure can go heaps high but dont.
    suspension is designed to have weight carried by springs not shockers
  15. also running no air will damage them )
  16. 5PSI is about normal for unloaded or light load.

    I think you set them by no pressure, measure sag (i.e. wheel to top of wheel arch) then attach trailer full of usefull things or fill up boot with stupid crap you don't need to take but your wife wants to 'be prepared'.

    Then pump up until the sag is the same as unloaded.
  17. The polyair ones Wokwon linked to are red, so obviously not those.
    But having a quick look around these Firestone ones seem a pretty close match in terms of colour/appearance:

    No idea on pressure but 5psi seems quite low to me (think I used to run something like 15 in my old Sigma). Though looking at that polyair site they recommend a minimum of 5psi so if you're not carting luggage or passengers then it's probably about right (since the airbags will effectively be doing nothing).
  18. Awesome, thanks for all the replies guys! Very helpful.

    I haven't driven it with 5 psi yet, but 13 (& 0!) was very rough, we just assumed that's how the cars was :banghead: