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Ford Taurus 1. Ughboots 0.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gilligan, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. What a way to end a fantastic day of riding. I covered near 300 km on Sunday going through the spur and up Lake Mountain (ride report here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=39855). Heading back to Melbourne I decided to meet up with Drew (ZX-14) for coffee at Hot Chocolate at Docklands. Anyway, go down Docklands Rd and turn left into the little street that takes you to the waterfront and the cafes (where the mystery ride often finishes for those who know). Trundling along at 20-30 kph, all good, car on the left is sitting in the driveway for the car park, all good, going past car, all of a sudden front of car is 50 cm in front of my front wheel. A less than ideal situation as this has just gotta get in the way of my well-earned coffee :evil: . In a valiant but futile attempt at preventing the inevitable t-boning of this clown who's decided to pull a U-turn straight across my path I braked hard, but I’m guessing that even the latest R6 couldn’t have pulled up from this. It was just timed so I had near zero room to do anything. Anyway, the front locked up as tends to happen when a 1300 kg obstacle suddenly appears in front of you at arms length. I skilfully avoided the front of the car as he hit the anchors and I went right. Sounds good, except my avoidance tactic involved laying the bike over and sliding down the road in front of him :eek: :( . And only 50 m from my destination :roll: .

    So here I am laying on the road with my foot stuck under the bike. A quick self check and everything feels relatively OK. Driver comes over eventually and asks if I can move. Manage to pull my foot out, stand up and get the driver to help me pick the bike up and move it off the road. I ask and he says he has third party insurance. He’d better. His excuse for spoiling my evening? The all time classic “I didn’t see you until it was too late†:? .

    The old Spada looks a bit sad, lots of dings and scrapes and broken bits. Managed to ride it home though. As for me I landed very heavily on my side, particularly my shoulder. Swollen bruise near my hip and a very painful shoulder, despite the armour in the jacket. Nothing broken but I’ll head off to the doc today to get the shoulder looked at, just in case.

    I feel annoyed with myself because I am normally very aware of cars sitting at the side of the road, as I expect them to do something like this, but I believed he was entering the car park on the left as he was in the paved area in front of the entry, so he really caught me by surprise when he came across the front of me. Plus, he pulled out right as I was going past so I guess to be fair to myself, he pretty much left me nowhere to go and no room to stop. Chalk another one up to experience.

    Take care out there people.
  2. With the best skills in the world, you can't avoid them all, that's why we wear protective gear. But what a bummer, to have survived your snow trip and then get taken out by some bozo where things should have been safer.

    Pursue his insurance :evil:.
  3. Don't worry, I will.
  4. UGH! no pun intended, ughboots :(

    On first read I thought you meant that he asked if you could move your bike! Heal up and chase 'em.
  5. Lucky he stopped, man ^_^

    Hope you feel better soon and score some sympathy affection from your closest, attractive, non-blood-relative, human female!
  6. With me and the bike laying on the road in front of his car in a dead end street he didn't get the chance to do a runner, plus his gf was with him.

    Got plenty of sympathy from our favourite waitress at the cafe straight after so can't complain there :wink:
  7. Bummer, ughboots :( Not a good way to end a great day out.

    Now you know how your avatar feels :wink:
  8. Ouch! Sorry to hear about that mate, hope you are ok and there's not too much damage to the ol' Spada. November is upgrade time, right? Will suck to have to do expensive repairs this close to the changeover!

    New bike!

    Glad you're OK.
  10. Mate, glad to see you walked away from this. Sounds like there wasn't too much you could have done about it :(

    I hope your shoulder is fine and the insurance fairy is kind.
  11. Ack!...Soory to hear you bit the dust, mate...nevertheless...it IS an experience, and you can put that away for another day when it might be needed. Hope your shoulder turns out to be nothing serious and you can get the bike back together again without too much fuss.

  12. well that's a bit crap tastic isn't it!!
    glad you're pretty ok, glad he stopped, and make sure you collect on his insurance.
  13. Sorry to hear mate.
    Hope everything turn out ok.
  14. Sorry

    Ah Chris, sorry to hear. After such a good day as well. I enjoyed reading your Lake Mtn trip report, it was well written as was your accident report, not that that's any consolation. You sure you're a boffin?
    So, maybe a no-show then Thurs night? That would be a shame. Hope your road to recovery is smooth, dry and straight.
  15. Very true, same thing happened to me... you get a new bike!! The trick is try and make the qoutes higher than the bikes value :wink: :wink: its unreal :grin: :grin: Good read, hope your all ok though Chris, see ya on the thursday night rides when the weather is better.
  16. that sucks dude.... good idea to check yourselfr out at the docs..... and good excuse to get a new bike....a big one!!!!
  17. Bleh to the idiot driver. I just hope the bike gets fixed fairly quickly with the insurance stuff and you only feel a bit sore with no "aftermath" injuries that pop up.

    Take care out there! :)
  18. mate... not the spud....
    sorry to hear and soo close to upgrade time too

    heal up and see you soon
  19. Glad to hear you're OK dude. At least you get a chance to avoid the twit at all. A tbone is a nasty accident at any speed. Good luck with all the insurance bizzo
  20. Thanks for the good wishes everyone, much appreciated :)

    Just got back from the doc. As i thought nothing is broken, he reckons I just have fluid in my shoulder joint which should clear itself up in a week or so :grin: .

    Given that I only bothered getting third party insurance on the Spada, apparently I have to get some quotes on the bike myself and then send a letter of demand to the driver (as he was at fault). I've never done this before as I've always had comprehensive on my cars so when I've been hit I've just given it to them and said "here, fix", and they did.

    Can anyone enlghten me on the process and also, any recommendations on bike repairers around the city or west side of town? Can I hit them for a new helmet as the one I was wearing got a bit messed up when I got all romantic with the asphalt?

    Thanks in advance for any advice :)