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Forcefield L2 vs Sub 4 back protector

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by SnOOkered, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. The L2

    The Sub 4

    I'm planning to buy one of these but can't make up my mind between the two. I know theres about $50 difference, and thickness difference... Just wanted to get opinions of those who own either of them or have tried them?

    I'm buying overseas as I can't find anyone in Melbourne who stocks them to try :(

    They both seem really good... >.<!!

  2. Ive just bought the Sub 4. Got it off eBay. $200 including delivery. Its thicker than my old one but seems like a good thing so far.
  3. What size did you end up getting? I'm 6'4" and 92kg ... not sure which to get. Did you get yours from the UK?
  4. Alright answered my own question and got a pretty sweet deal :) from a UK seller! I got XL based off their charts and the waist is adjustable. If anyone else is looking there a bunch of them on ebay going from this UK seller, he allows 'make an offer' so give it a go it worked for me :D
  5. I got Pro Sub 4 from MAW in Sydney but have only used it once so can't really comment on it yet. On sizing: the ForceField guide said I should be looking at a M and that's what I ended up getting. There is plenty of room for adjusting around the waste and the shoulder straps are quite adjustable too.

    If you want to source it locally, the Australian distributor is Pro Accessories. I had to search their dealers page (http://www.proaccessories.com.au/dealers.htm) for which dealers stocked ForceField stuff. It took a while to get in though.
  6. Whats a good deal?
  7. $185 posted for the Pro Sub 4
  8. I imagine same dealers as me:cool: Looks like you did a little better...or exchange rates are still going our way=D&gt;
  9. I did a trip 6 month ago from Sydney to Rockhampton and back, 2 days each way, three and a half thousand k's wearing the L2 straight out of the box so to speak. It moulded to my back and was super comfortable ... never intrusive at all. Both are no doubt good, but if you have to go for the L2, don't be concerned to do so.

  10. I have a Forcefield L2 in large that I never use, only a few times if anyone wants to buy or swap for a medium. Dont have much of a neck so the top bit used to dig into the helmet.
  11. You might want to consider the Alpinestars Track Vest.

    It doesn't use these silly straps under the arms. I can't imagine having straps going under the arm pits, where you will be sweating, chafing with your shirt, then a suit on top.

    The vest has all the functionality of tightening straps but lacks their problems.

    Problem is everywhere I've looked for the Alpine Stars vest is out of stock until November.
  12. Yeah i looked into the that also... It got a pretty good write up overall, but I decided the Sub4 as every review puts it above the rest. I was skeptical about the straps too, but they all say the sub4 is probably the most comfortable out there as if conforms to your body... BUT ill find this out soon enough :p