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Forced off the road… updated with the resolution!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by backmarker, May 2, 2008.

  1. Not by a big, nasty four-wheel-drive, but by weird health issues, and not happy!

    I have just had a revisit by a strange event, where I’m happily sitting at my desk and I start losing consciousness, just like I’m about to faint – light-headed, even to the point of my vision closing in… then I go back to normal, all in the space of 5 to 10 seconds. Not overly pleasant!

    This happened about a year ago, went through tests by a cardiologist, and got a clean bill of health. I just had to stay off the road while it was all tested and checked.

    But now it has happened again! I’m off the road until everything can be checked out properly, which will be the middle of next month at least! That means no riding my scooter on my favourite hills roads, no driving a car, and I had lined myself up to fly to Sydney and drive an empty coach back to Adelaide later this month – not now!

    I don’t mind riding to work in the rain – I look dorky riding a scooter, so riding a scooter in wet weather gear can’t make me look much worse. But I hate walking to work in the rain!

    I’m grumpy, and if I have to be grumpy then everyone else should know about it!

    So there.
  2. Get tested for epilepsy.
  3. If they tell you you cant ride again slash your wrists NOW!!!!LOL
  4. Wow, I had exactly the same thing a few years ago, and even did the big faint a couple of times at work just sitting at my desk for seemingly no reason.
    Had the cardio and CT scan of the old braincase etc but none of the experts could say what caused it. Nada.

    I know exactly how it feels for you, with totally no warning your head does a bit of spin, the ground seems to tilt a bit, your vision narrows, followed by nausea for a while afterwards.
    It's an awful feeling.

    In the end though I found I could manage it myself in a number of ways.
    1. Get plenty of rest i.e., proper amounts of sleep, 8hrs min.
    2. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of WATER.
    3. Take it easy with the grog. (this ties into staying hydrated too)
    4. Less stress!!!! esp. at work.

    Your mileage may vary.

    I eventually found out that if I could keep on top of these 4 things most of the time I could completely prevent it from happening at all.
  5. A man in our church was having similar symptoms, and he's been diagnosed as having coealiac disease.
  6. Isn't that an allergy to wheat products?
  7. In church? Sounds like he hasn't been praying hard enough.

    I'd keep riding mate, stuff like that happens to everyone from time to time, probably a little tired or dehydrated or who knows what. If you're concerned then by all means, don't drive, each to their own, just that I would.

    Hope all is fine.
  8. Yes, it is. It's surprisingly more widespread than you might think.

    St, he was ok at church; we use non-wheta bread for communion :LOL:.
  9. Thanks all for the concern.

    No history, and all drs seem to think that isn't the issue. My wife reckons it can't be a brain problem, for the obvious reason...

    I've been trying to get plenty of sleep, but my head won't switch off. I generally drink heaps (of water!), I probably average two glasses of wine a week, and I run a business - bugger, there goes the no stress option! But I haven't been feeling that stressed lately... or am I just getting used to it :?

    What, and give up weetbix as well? I hope not - we know how hard it is to cater for coealiacs on our tours - not an easy diet to live with.

    It's tempting, but I feel that I need to be conservative - mainly I know that my wife would never talk to me again if I killed myself due to this :)

    I'll just resign myself to 6 weeks off the road, and make plans to make up for lost time then. I have quite a few new routes through the hills that I reckon I can get away with on my scooter - back roads through Aldgate, Cherry Gardens, Upper Sturt etc. I'll need to give myself a few long lunch breaks when I get back on two wheels!

    Thanks again to everyone.
  10. Head won't switch off...classic stress,

    Try meditation, or sex.
  11. no shit.
  12. :rofl: Ya dickhead!
    Be Careful, You dont wanna zone-out whilst on the road. Get checked out mate
  13. i forgot to add a smiley before, so here it is --> :p
  14. lol... hi there captain obvious :p

    :rofl: :bolt:
  15. Could it be you have tight neck muscles or your spine's a bit out, cutting off blood supply to the brain; and your desk posture (head forwards) is exaggerating it?

    When you're at your desk and you feel it starting to come on, bring your chin back horizontally (not upwards) and see if it helps. Might be partly postural. An osteopath would probably be best to get muscles/spine checked. Otherwise remedial massage :grin:
  16. +1 to Pinx, if your body's out of whack, your head can be too.
    Also it's worth finding yourself a good Naturopath.
    They know stuff that Doctors don't, AND they wont try and kill you while they try and fix you! Also good :wink:
  17. backmarker -

    1) are you Asian?
    2) do you have a history of anemia in your family?

    I shared the same symptoms as you several years ago when I first came to Australia. Doctor diagnosed me with anemia, and I had to stop being vegetarian and eat red meat.

    Apparently Asian men and women are more prone to anemia to their Anglo counterparts, but that doesn't discount the latter from the illness, of course. Have you taken a blood test to see if you're anemic?

    Hope all goes well for you, though - good luck!

  18. No, they don't know stuff that doctors don't and some of the stuff they use can kill you just as effectively.

    To the OP ..... have they looked at your head and neck in detail yet? EEG/CT/MRI/MRA/carotid dopplers etc etc?
  19. I figured someone would bite. Things have moved on from the times when Doctor's were the complete authority on everything to do with health. Doctor's know sweet FA about nutrition or it's imbalance. If he keeps going back to them, it's only a matter of time until they say, "we don't know what's causing it, but here have this drug anyway."
    And sure, there is natural stuff that can kill you, my emphasis was on 'trying' to kill you. A Doctor will have no qualms about giving you something that has a track record of making you quite ill, in the name of trying to make you healthy.
    I don't believe you can always get a second opinion from the same source that gave you the first one, sometimes it's better to go to a second source.
  20. Peaches, although I'm a bit of a bitsa, there's no Asian there that I know of, and yes, they have done blood tests recently for a different strange heart thingy (felt likw my heart was skipping a beat, happened lots, went away. Was actually an extra beat squeezed in - probably caused by a virus!), and my iron levels are fine. But good idea, and thanks for your care.

    atropos, good idea. I know my posture is awful, and my neck gives me frequent headaches (I take ibuprofen way too often - but haven't had much in recent weeks). I'll discuss this with my doc.

    Re the naturopath idea, I'm not sure I'd go for that - too conservative, and I don't have enough faith in their knowledge or that their methods are proven. I'm not saying no-one should go to naturopaths, it's just my personal feeling on it.

    I'll be having more blood tests early next week, then a halter monitor for 24 hours, then a tilt-table test, which sounds like fun - you lie on a 'table', get hooked up for monitoring, and they tilt it various ways at various speeds to see how your body reacts. Believe it or not, there is a clinic at a local hospital just for these weird 'almost faints'!