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Force Classic review

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. I recently engaged the forum in my pre-purchase resuearch on a fabric jacket and I thought I should update.

    I purchased the Force Classic. I compared it with the Dri-rider Nordic 3 and 4 and found it a better jacket.

    The back armour was better ( the Nordic may not have had it?) and the back support was more structured.

    Also the shoulder/elbow reinforcment looked more substantial and it came with a weather proof liner that the Nordic did not have (both have thermal liners).

    I picked it up for $225 (rrp $450), compared with the Nordic $300 and wouldn't hesitate at that price again. I may be a bit relucatant at the full price, but would certainly pay $50-75 more than the Dri-rider product.

    I also compared it with the r-jays product and there is no comparison. Tight budget stuff that brand.

    I leave home when the temp is about 1-5 degrees and ride for about 40 minutes, with the first 30 min of that on an expressway.

    At the lower temps I'm starting to get a cold soak in the jacket at the end of the 30 min stretch, but I must admit most of the cold is coming from other areas, such as gloves and boots. If I were to wear a light jumper underneath I think I could ride in 0 degrees all day, provide my other gear was up to it.

    I have a full faired bike, but my shoulders are in the wind. It's a smallish/old style sports bike fairing.

    The only problem I have had is one of the pop buttons on one of the pockets has disloadged itself. They provide a spare, but I havn't bothered as the pocket also has velcro and a zip. I'd rather save the spare for one of the main front pops. I have the one that fell off and it looks like it just wasn't swaged properly so I may just refit this to the pocket.

    I can't comment on hot weather yet, but I do perseve 2 problems:

    1. the front vent zipper is inside the outer flap. This will mean I will need to ride with the flap open in warmer weather and I can't see it staying that way, or just plain anoying me. There is no pops to keep the flap open.
    2. The neck return has no "open" pop button. So if I don't do it up it flaps in the breeze. Aa simple pop button on the back would have solved this.

    Overall I am very happy with the product. It does highlight how bad my other gear is.