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For young drivers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by YamahaWoman, Jan 13, 2012.

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  2. im a young driver and i dont give 2 ****s about what some idiots did. i havent actually watched the video but emotional sob stories about some dicks drink driving and crashing means stuff all.

    seriously, theres too many idiots out there so a few less isn't a bad thing.
  3. Stories like these can be very useful in discouraging drivers from doing the same stupid things.

    It's making people think:


    It won't work for everyone but it's working for some. There are a lot of idiots out there, but would you tell the parents of these children that a few less of them being on the planet isn't a bad thing?
  4. fair comment Jimmy, only problem is they sometime take the innocent with them.
  5. I don't get these campaigns, just do not connect with them. They made us watch some of that stuff in high school, warned us, asked us if we'd like to leave the room. I watched it, didn't affect me. Only thing I thought when watching it was "I wish I had some popcorn"

    I've seen quite a few crashes, been in a couple as well. When I was younger I was in the back seat of a friends car, drunk with no seat belt (didn't have them in the back). He tried to drift around a corner, lost control, ran up the gutter and clipped a tree. He and his girlfriend sat there in silence for about 30 seconds, I put myself between the two seats travel mug first (filled with Kahlua) and said "it's all good, I didn't spill my drink".
  6. Seeing one car crinkled up like an old can and wondering where half of the other car went was enough to make me want to not to do something stupid. now if I could find somewhere to train me how to drive when the shit hits the fan...

    I watched the first couple of seconds of that SN video before getting fed up with the over emotional sob story BS. You want to loose a kids attention? show them something like that.
  7. Congrats Tahlia, as a young person raising this 'waste of life' issue, we are all idiots at one point in our lives, at 51 I'd freak out if my boys were involved in an accident, if raising these things help to save one life then jobs done!!
  8. Exactly. They know it will never happen to them.
  9. What a load of manipulative nonsense...

    I always find the fact that they find that inexperienced drivers/riders being over represented in accident figures is a surprise astonishing.

    No shit Sherlock.
  10. 60 minutes is a show for old people. A story on it will do piss all to stop idiot kids killing them selves. Nothing will come close to having the same effect as the pinky ad.
  11. Encouraging me to avoid handing over my taxes?

    Emotional rapists, all of them.
  12. This sort of stuff DOES work... I still remember being in my High School at Woonona (Woolongong) after we'd just lost a School mate under similar cicumstances (Speed, no Drink/Drive).

    I can tell you right now: I can still see the Parents face, and feel the pain in their Voices, which i can still hear, and this was WELL over 10 years ago now.

    Sure, many others in the same Hall pretty much just laughed it off: "Couldn't happen to me, I am too good a driver", was a popular comment... But if it hit me: I am sure at least a few others took note as well. Some people just need to view things in Certain ways, to look at the same situation differently.

    It's not the be-all-and-end-all, to fix things: it's just another tool that should be used.

    This whole Roadwhyz thing just looks like an even MORE effective step in the right direction
  13. If anyone needs a greater context for that:

    What concrete information did people take away from the main video? Drive within speed limit, wear a seat belt, dont drink. Well great, how has that worked out?

    This video, along with every other ad provides little to no useful information. They use the natural anguish of death as a tool of manipulation. Its disgusting.

    Just follow some rules. Right. We dont hear about the people who die "following the rules" do we?

    No offence to the grieving individuals, but they are the WORST people to be giving information. They are overcome with emotions, and that isnt the best time to be having a discussion.

    Who actually discussed the reason for the crash? Poor vehicle control, mixed with an emotional mindset, ie, some young guys trying to impress girls. Bad mix. An inability to focus on the most important task at hand (driving) and limit skill even when they are focusing.

    But no, show some people crying. Thats all we need to know.
  14. Did the pinky ad actually do anything?

    I found the ad hilarious because
    a) Nobody in the ad was actually speeding which just proved the RTA don't know WTF they're on about
    b) When I was that age and doing stupid things like that it was because it was awesome fun, not to try and impress anyone
    c) It's a flat out lie. There are plenty of people who are impressed by that behaviour

    Did it seriously get anybody to stop anything?
  15. Meh. My senior year ('09) of High School included an endless bombardment of this stuff. Crying, gore, and stern warnings from people who did bafflingly stupid things behind the wheel.

    I listened for the first 12 seconds of the first one. Then promptly ignored the rest of the next 3508 presentations. Along with the rest of my grade. The smart kids didn't listen because they weren't stupid. The dumb kids didn't listen because they were. Not to mention we were all schoolkids whose brains instantly switch off the moment anything of this manner comes along.

    So often these things claim 'it can happen to anyone'. Which I think is ludicrous because it suggests a lack of cause or fault. Either they made some kind of error, or did something extremely dumb, and crashed; Or, it was out of their control and there was nothing to prevent it.

    Either way, I, along with the rest of my grade who weren't numbskulls, drive smartly. Those in my grade who were drongos continue to drive in a manner commensurate with their (lack of) intelligence.

    I get the feeling I'm just rambling, and that some or all of the above might be complete crap. So I'll shut up now. :)

    [For the record, To the best of my knowledge, no-one in my grade has killed themselves on the road (yet). I know of only one write-off, and one or two roo encounters. I myself (halfway through QLD green P's) have never even been pulled over, and have never bent a car. You may also be interested to know that a fair portion of the students had been driving on farms since they were big enough to reach the pedals. And that every year Origin energy pays for all grade 11 students to go to a defensive driving course at Willowbank. As part of this, a person from the driving school came out and gave a presentation to us. it was completely sobbing free, and was packed instead with information about the physics and facts of cars and handling/braking. How abs works. How non abs braking works. What happens when you lock up and what to do about it. How braking distance increases with speed. Info about other road users like trucks and how to treat them properly. How water and gravel affects performance. Watching as far up the road as possible, not looking just over the bonnet. Judging by the volume of questions asked afterwards by us students, I'd say it was a bit more useful than "Cry. Sob. So much regret. Did something dumb. Cry". Which was always met with yawns.]

    Hmm. This went a bit longer than I thought. Sorry. End rant now.
  16. Boys between 15 and 20 really haven't developed much empathy yet. The only way to really communicate with them is their own language, penis jokes.
  17. the driver usually survives, then has to live with himself
  18. Things like this won't work for everyone, but they do work for some people, it certainly had a big effect on my 16 year old brother, he balled his eyes out.
  19. Did he now? :shock: Possibly he bawled his eyes out?
  20. I know relatives of the kids involved, but i cant stand to watch that story - damn channel 9 and their BS heart string tugging crap trying to get ratings.
    Its definitely the people left behind who suffer though, and its always painful to see.