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For those who've recently lost dogs...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by typhoon, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. Thought I'd start a post for photos of people's dogs. Hopefully it will cheer you up a bit.
    Our new dog as a puppy:

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. Wit hany luck that dog might grow into its ears :shock: Or is he related to adam gilchrist :grin:
  3. Nah, that's it! Hasn't grown into the ears! It's a long, lanky freak of a thing, was supposed to be a Mini Foxie, but is probably 90% Tenterfield terrier. Still a great little dog though!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. reminds me of my dog Webster who died back in september this year ! :cry:



  5. Lol, Webster - that is a cool name for a dog.

    Well, here is some of Shoddie who was the most spoiled dog you can imagine, but still one of the best behaved, she was 17 and much loved. We got Shoddie from the vet when her elderly owner brought her in to be killed because his wife was making him do it. Obviously the woman was a biatch and had somehow convienced the poor old bloke to go through with it. We took Shoddie, and he went home and told his wife he had done it, then came around to ours to visit his dog once a month.

    but now there is taska, he is 4 and perfectly healthy although a little too obsessed with his yellow squeeky ball !!
  6. Oh, what a great thread! (Will we get flamed because it has nothing to do with riding :LOL: )
    I am a vet nurse and work daily with people who have lost their pet's. I can truely understand the deep loss that goes with the death of an animal. I have had a lot to do with grief councelling as well, and just wanted to offer that if anyone has medical questions regarding their pet's, or would like to chat after the loss of their pet- just PM me and I will try and help :)
  7. Anyone with a behaviour problem! PM me! I work with BM as a vet nurse. I don't mind being a shoulder or giving advice as well. :grin:
  8. Well, I have this problem where I keep adjusting myself in public and my wife gets really embarrassed about it and.............

    Oh, you mean with pets! Hehe - sorry.... :oops:
  9. oh, well, you see there was this chic that i met a few months back, and turns out she . . . . . . .

    awww, not that kind of advice i take it !
  10. Katbird- I hate to tell you, but after the last week on the forum I think it is you and I that have the 'behaviour' problems! Wanna re-train me?? :LOL:
  11. This is Cally, my mother worked for the council at the time and the garbos found her and her sister in a dumster. We kept her from that day. She lived 10 odd years but i had to put her to sleep due to lung cancer. I had my head on her chest as they put her to sleep and remember her last breath.
    It was 3 years ago and i still think about her.

  12. Do you lift your leg in public places too??? I can help you..... oh- there I go again- bad dog! :angel:
  13. Now i have Indy and she certainly keeps me and my Fiance on our toes.

  14. Hey snowball. Cally is beautiful. As I said to one of our fellow riders- having the opportunity to help our pet's on their way when they are suffering is great privelege. You should be proud that you were there with her to end her suffering.
    We never forget them...ask Katbird... we shed tears alongside the owners.
    Happy memories of Cally. :)
  15. Its hard losing a close pet.

    Actually tonight i've finally cleaned the inside surface of the windows of my car. The inside glass still had slobber marks from where Webster licked and pressed his nose on the windows while travelling in the car with me.
    (i gave a fellow NR member a lift last week, she told to get over it and clean the windows ! LOL :eek: )

    The back wagon part of my car was his space . . . but he always wanted to jump to the front seat and call shotgun ! :grin:
  16. I remember finding hair stuck on the vertical blinds many months after I lost one of my babies. We don't have them for a long time- but hopefully a good time! My baby Oscar gives me the most unconditional love I have ever known. I come home and he is sooo happy to see me- I don't have to talk- just be with him!
  17. That is so true !
    Webster was like that.

    He would jump all around when I get home, I just have have to spend 5mins with him as soon as i get home and that would calm him down.
  18. He is so gorgeous. Katbird has a black lab called 'Bundy'. We had a visit with him today. Poor boy- I actually de-knackered (desexed) him yesterday.
  19. I posted in cejay's post, but I'll quickly chuck on here...

    This is her sleeping position, be it couch, floor, chair...she's not particularly lady like :p