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For those who think 200rwhp isnt enough.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Kermie, Jun 18, 2011.

  2. That's mental! The acceleration on that thing would tear your face off!
  3. i'm not really seeing anything special there.
    would appear all that extra hp over the average litre bike dose'nt make much difference.
  4. huh, that 6th gear roll on is insane.

    Considering most 1000cc sports bikes have between 160-185 at the rear wheel you sure as shit would notice the extra 50 odd hp.
  5. i dunno...
    it's sitting on a dyno ? ..surely that can't be all it's got
  6. Whats the point in showing a bike accelerating on a dyno? Maybe if it were on the road it would be impressive.
  7. Ghostrider's turbobusa has like what, 500hp? In one vid the camera bike is showing 290ish on the dash and Ghostrider goes past, on 1 wheel, like he is standing still.


    It's at 2:45 and it never gets old.
  8. That's only about 10 psi. That's nothing.
  9. thanks for sharing the legend himself with our latest noobs. he's the man.
    500 horses , now we're talking, **** yeah !
    at 2:45 when he passes, he'd have to be pushing 360kph + on one wheel.
    and on a public road hahahahahahahahahaha