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For those who like to Watch Media and Quote Statistics...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/news/natio...you-ride-beware/2006/10/01/1159641213602.html

  2. from the mouth of a previous pedal pusher, there are some pretty big dick heads out there riding push bikes.

    cars hate them because they stick their finger up at them and yell abuse. they dont pull to the side of the road and are quite happy to hold everyone up.

    it's no wonder they get killed.

    drivers don't respect them. i've witnessed heaps of drivers giving them $hit.

    those nuts aren't going to start treating them right and the pedal pushers aren't about to grow up.

    maybe the government should do what they do best, print a pamphlet.

  3. :LOL:
  4. That would have to be the "ride the pushy to work" crowd? Stands to reason though, probably the largest majority so therefore the highest risk.
  5. thay don't just ride to work, they ride everywhere.

    tommi [from netrider] and i read a book about a pedal pusher who was struck by a truck and broke his neck on the m4. he doesn't remember the crash and judging by the photos it was bad. the truck lost an indicator light and his little pedal job was totaled.

    when he was in RNSH hospital his friends came to visit him. they pedaled from the other side of sydney [across the m4]. he had just been given a bowl of fruit that he was looking forward to.

    his friends took it and ate all the fruit pieces while chatting to him. they didnt leave him anything and when they droped the empty bowl on the floor it made an echoing, hollow sound.

    men have a funny way of expressing their affection.
    anyhoo, i think the best way to avoid a colision is to look at the stats and learn from them.

    most crashes for motorbikes occur on thurs, fri, and sat, night [when the kids are out partying and the drunk drivers are rampant]
  6. i think i'll forget the stats and just ride when i want to, right up until i physically cant anymore.

  7. yeah, pushy's suck.

    don't worry joel. out where you live 'tom tum land' or whatever the town is called, there probably isn't much traffic.

    you're a lucky man
  8. OI, Mogo is HUGE! it has at least 500 people and a zoo. there is no bigger.....

    as for traffic though, Sydney ST has an AADT of >6000 which is >3000 vehicles per lane per day.
    so anyway, lots and lots of traffic.

    just ask paul, i dont live on a quiet road :LOL:
  9. When push bike riders decide to obey the road rules, eg stopping at red lights.....maybe they wouldn't have so many accidents.