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For those who have ever questioned riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GoTeam, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. If you've ever questioned riding or giving up, what questions did you ask yourself to get to whatever decision you made?

  2. So many questions and what ifs are all so common when it comes to riding. But i always say well i could get hit by a bus tomorrow, or fall down a flight of stairs and break my neck. See there are what ifs and maybes to everything. :grin:
  3. I never have, but if I ever did question riding, I'd just fang up mccarrs creek road (insert favourite place to ride here) and instantly change my mind!
  4. wash your mouth out with reschs :evil:
  5. Haven't done so yet, but I've only been riding for 2 years.
    I must admit to some hard thinking when I see a nasty accident and associated pics that often go with it.

    That motox email thats going around with the guy split in half is a good example.
    Makes it a bit rough when shit like that pops into your head when you're actually on a ride.
    You can be too paranoid though.
    A nice amount can be beneficial for defensive riding but there can be too much.

    Id be interested to see how I responde if/when I have a real nasty off.
    Until then it's all systems go. :grin:
  6. How long have you been riding?
  7. two months
  8. I was watching a show on foxtel today and this dude was mowing his front lawn and some wanker comes driving down the road not watching what he is doing, mounts the gutter and runs this poor bastard over busted him up really bad, list of injuries as long as your arm and nearly died, so I say when your number is up its up so you might as well enjoy yourself as much as possible till then.
  9. Yes I think we should all just be determinists assuming that the future is written, we can't change it :) Not our fault when we have an off, it was meant to be. So its about getting 100% out of every day. I know I did today, how about you? :cool:
  10. Might be time to do a course to gain some skills + confidence on the road. Are you actually questioning yourself riding? if so, tell us why. Being scared (if you are) is a natural thing, more so early in our riding experience. More time/experience usually gives more confidence in riding. Not knowing why you may be questioning riding, I think the answer lies in gaining more skills to make riding about less worry with 'the basics' and more about the pleasure of riding. Take a look at a course if you are able to afford it. Or possibly riding with friends/a group can also do wonders for confidence and/or gaining skills-experience if you are worried about riding by yourself.
  11. There is only one question you ever need to ask yourself, and it goes for everything you do in life.


    If the answer is no then stop. If the answer is yes, then keep riding.

    Life is there to be enjoyed, don't waste a second of your time doing things you don't like doing.
  12. What has made you question riding? Is it all the off you hear about here, did you see something that has shaken you up?
  13. I think its like any sport, passion, hobby there is. You put a certain amount of risk into your activity and thats where the thrill/excitement lies, if its boring why would you be doing it in the first place.
    And thats why your not driving a cage :wink:
  14. I like this approach as well though :LOL:
  15. And this my friends is why I refuse to mow the lawn :grin:

    Well have I thought about giving up riding well only when it is 3 degrees in melbourne pissing down with rain and I have to ride 65kms to work. Any other time nup :grin:
  16. oooo, topical question.

    Short answer; two things, pain and expense.
  17. sounds like your considering it yourself. I hope all is ok. Perhaps you should look at the hobby from an overall perspective and if you enjoy it or not. Maybe the solution is to mix alot more with the netrider team and other motorcycle riders - for comradery. On the brightside, at least you have the oppourtunity to ride. A few people such as myself are just watching the bikes go past untill they can afford their own - is very frustrating. Good luck mate. :)
  18. The only thing that makes me question riding is my kids. But if I give up, they'll have to grow up with a miserable, unhappy dad. So I'll just have to go on, for their sake :wink:
    A couple of other things - I believe you really need to have a strong belief that you can come through any situation without crashing. Part of that is getting skills and training. Another part is learning to make good decisions. But a big part is also an act of will, that you are going to handle anything that gets thrown at you. People that go around saying that, yeah I'm going to crash one day, are talking themselves into it, IMHO.
    I know the stats may not support this, but it's just an attitude thing, not science.
  19. Ah, still refresh, Everyone picks up big time as things go on, just gets better and better, so what makes you question riding?
  20. Have to admit this has crossed my mind before and usually due to self dobut about skills, confidence and the mortality issue but sometimes it can also be from forgetting the pleasure of riding. So I will go for a ride to clear my thoughts to see what decision if any should be made however always return with the verdict that I am learning at my own pace, not doing too bad & not to feel guilty that my skills maybe be different to others. Therefore the bike wins !

    HTH if you are questioning it yourself.