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For those who clean chains with kerosene

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by magin, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Hey Netriders,

    I am just wondering, if any of you clean your chain with kerosene, what do you do with the dirty kerosene afterwards?

    I put it back into a bottle so the dirt can settle out and then I reuse it, but when I actually have to dispose of it... how do I do this?

    I'm thinking other cleaning methods might be better, so I avoid this problem.

    Are there liquid recycling places around that you guys take stuff like this to?
  2. I'm not using so much that there is any dirty stuff left over, I just pour a little on a rag, then rub chain down with the rag, chuck rag in bin when done..
  3. Ah thanks,

    This does seem a lot better than the way I was doing it....

    Dipping toothbrush into a small amount of kerosene poured into a oil change pan,
    scrubbing the chain with this toothbrush having the excess drip into the same pan. In the end I'd have about 100mL of dirty kerosene, not knowing what to do with it
  4. I pour it on my favourite weeds. Not much though.
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  5. I leave the left over/dirty kerosene in the dip tray...it seems to evaporate really slowly.

    ...you have a kerosene lamp?
  6. Hmm, what about burning it?

    I would think that would most environmentally friendly. I know, CO2, but its better than a poison.
  7. chuck it on the annual 44 gallon drum fire in the back yard, really helps to get it going!
  8. straight onto the weeds
  9. ^^ wot he said.
  10. Pour it on the weeds, like smee says too.
  11. Ah thanks for all the replies...

    Pouring onto weeds was my first instinct, but I can't imagine kerosene seeping all throughout the soil below being the most environmentally friendly thing to do. I know it would be bugger all, and not do anything noticeable, but I'm sure kerosene is a nasty pollutant. Lots of nasty hydrocarbons that will not degrade in the environment at all fast.

    Burning it in a kerosene lamp seems a fair bit better. Then the solids left over would be in the lamp reservoir and easily chucked in the bin.

    I might try using soap and a brush like the owners manual of the bike suggests. I have a scottoiler on the bike, and the chain stays pretty clean. If soapy water works, then I avoid the problem entirely (I know I was all against chucking kerosene on the ground and somewhat hypocritically have a scottoiler...).
  12. old anti termite treatment - mix kero and sump oil together and brush on
    timber posts or sleepers etc.
    wouldn't go astray around perimeter of your house...

    not enviro friendly so i dont recommend doing this .... )
  13. Ha yep.

    I was actually thinking about farmers and the like using sump oil on their posts today.

    My grandfather also seems to love Creosote, or whatever it's called. I think the days of these practices are probably going to be short lived!
  14. decent termite sprays and treatments were banned ago due to the greenie wingers ....
    even treated pine is done enviro friendly now
  15. Is this thread for real?
  16. Yes, I was genuinely wondering this. Not pulling anybody's leg.
  17. Ha rightio, I think we've all had enough laughs now.

    I was being serious though!
  18. Just use it on weeds. You dont need to drown them just a little tip.
    Overall no worse than the poisons you would otherwise spray on them.

    Or if you have any ants nests, pour it down the hole and set it on fire. Stand back and watch.
  19. Depending on where you live, your council might have a free chemical cleanout service coming up - they're put on by the Office of Environment & Heritage, and they'll take just about anything you're not meant to put in your bin or pour down your drain - sump oil, brake/clutch fluid, coolant, batteries, you name it.

    If you're in Maroubra, the next one near you would be next Sat (6 October), 9am-3:30pm at Heffron Park car park - Fitzgerald Avenue, Matraville.

    If anyone else is interested, check your council website or www.cleanout.com.au for dates and locations - note that a few of these are restricted to residents only. I'm not sure if there's a similar service in other states/cities.