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For those that watch Heroes.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Scottatron, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Episode 19 aired in Canada Sunday night, and US last night........

  2. I saved the cheerleader.
  3. peter is my fav character-- go peter !!!
  4. One of the better shows on tv
  5. and it can already be downloaded from the internet
  6. I been waiting ages for ep19. Driving me nuts.

    Thanks i just found it now.

    Another good one to watch is LOST ROOM. 3 part film thing. Pretty interesting too. It kept me going whilst I was waiting on Heroes,

    Cheerleader..........Id save her for free.....MMMmmmmmm
  7. Bah i keep missing this show!! :mad: i need to get it on dvd :LOL:
  8. Started watching the DVDs late Friday night and seen all up to Ep 18 already... :eek: damn addictive :LOL:

    Goosh can you convert from DivX to DVD yet?? If u can I'll pay ya for Ep 19 on... :oops:
  9. I watched 12 episodes of this in one day but ive only seen up to episode 16 , ive been slack with it , the only ones im up to date with are NCIS and 24

  10. :eek: rub it in why dont you :LOL: :LOL: :cool:
  11. :evil: </grumbling old bastard> . . . bloody useless channel 7 . . . can't get their bloody act together . . . no bleedin' reception on this bloody side of the bloody hill . . . mutter, grumble

    continue ad infinitem
  12. Channel 7 isn't up to Ep 19 yet, not sure where they are up to.

  13. those reckless arsehole at minova are screwing over the hard working people at channel 7 i blatendly condem downloading this heroes episode
  14. I think Channel 7 are only up to about Ep 11 or so, not sure coz I've only seen ads for what's next but haven't watched a single Ep on the tv coz I had the ads and having to wait a week to watch the next Ep :oops: :LOL:
  15. Episode 13 tonight. Educational viewing. :LOL:
  16. Bahh love the show, and just watched episode 19, but seriously Sylar could've died three times now (nooo...let's not kill him because we have no way of continuing the story without him).
  17. the first bad guy is always the best
  18. Waiting on Ep 20 and 21... hopefully getting them Wed night... please please please :oops:

    So bored at home doing nothing, need more Heroes Eps!!

    Think it's time to start watching Prison Break, got all of season 1 & 2 just sitting there and only watched like the first ep so that'll keep me busy for a few nights :LOL:
  19. watched episode 20 last night and boy oh boy it what a doozy! :LOL:
  20. Episode 20 is the one ive been waiting for ever since i saw the first episode of Heroes :D

    You just can't miss it, and if you do i will pee in your exhaust.