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For those that think I am a tin hat wearing loony

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Make it hard from them. Try to look like my avartar + sunnies.
  2. Hooray for less privacy! WOOO!
  3. They can't release the photos for any investigation that is not road transport related...

    EDIT: You are in fact a tin foil hat wearing conspiracist who shouldn't beleive every media beat up he's fed. :)

  4. close but no Banana dude

    15 Security of information on Register

    The Authority must ensure that information contained in the Register that is of a personal nature or that has commercial sensitivity for the person about whom it is kept is not released except as provided by the regulations or under another law.
  5. Hoo hoo haa haa

  6. 19 Release of photographs prohibited

    (1) The Authority must ensure that a photograph to which this Part applies, and any photographic image or other matter contained in any database of such photographs, is not released except:

    (a) to the NSW Police Force, or

    (b) to a driver licensing authority of another State or Territory, or

    (c) for the purpose of the conduct of any criminal proceedings under this Act or under a provision of Division 2 or 3 of Part 5 (Forgery and false instrument offences) of the Crimes Act 1900 in relation to a Photo Card, or

    (d) to the Sheriff, for the purpose of any fine recovery proceedings, or

    (e) as provided under any other law, or

    (f) to the person whose likeness is shown in the photograph or on the database, or

    (g) as authorised or required under Part 5 (Protection of stored photographs) of the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Act 1998 in respect of the release of photographs to which that Part applies, or

    (h) as authorised or required under Division 3 (Security and protection of photographs) of Part 4A of the Licensing and Registration (Uniform Procedures) Act 2002 in respect of the release of photographs to which that Division applies, or

    (i) in accordance with the regulations.

    (2) Any release authorised by subsection (1) (a)–(d), or authorised by regulations made under subsection (1) (i), must be in accordance with any protocol approved by the Privacy Commissioner.

    1a to the NSW police force -- it doesn't state under what conditions to the police force -- if they want it they can have it -- would then need to trace the legalities of what the police fforce are allowed to do with it once in their posession
  7. Try again.

    Edit: Tell ya what, I'm curious about what the Privacy Commissioner would approve. At the moment it is Maureen Tangney, i'll shoot the privacy officer an email and see what they have to say about it.
  8. okay yes your government loves you and has your best interest at heart -- -- does that help you feel more secure

    So if you are correct explain why they are doing this
  9. Lol, dunno.

    I just shot off an email to the PC officer that reads:

    Also, I'm an anarcho-syndacalist man...
  10. Keep me posted -- interested in the reply
  11. Finally someone who understands me!!!

  12. An anti-war MMA fighter from the North Caucasus...you're a big ol box of weird aren't ya?
  13. Yes, is that a problem? You're welcome to come train with us if you're not too much of a pacifist.
  14. What intelligence agency was that?
  15. Probably worked for control keeping track of chaos agents.
  16. Here it is:

    Looks like the privacy commisioner's office is pretty private.

    EDIT: Guess I'm gonna have to ring, sounds like publishing the documents might be tricky though
  17. You actually expected a straightforward response from a gov't dept? :roll:

    I'm sure the assistant will be plenty of help when you ring...
  18. Formalities, my good chum.

    "Not available to the public" means "Not until I see an FOI request".

    I'm going to ring, get the document number and pages of interest, find out if they consider the document to be an exempt document and then file my FOI (costs about $100 so not doing until pay day, but I'm interested enough).

    Sorry motolegion, this will take a while :-({|=
  19. This would be great for tracing someone, if you cannot access the data you can always scan face book for a match!

    In theory if your face is on the internet anywhere they could send out a little bot to track you down.

    But the real question is, Why would the government care about little ol' me?