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For those that are feeling a little down

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. #1 goz, Aug 11, 2010
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    This will lift your spirits and put a lump in your throat :)

  2. my eyes..... they're leaking
  3. Good find Goz. :) For all the talk about arcs of instability, drug trade, breeding grounds for terrorism, nation building and all the other catchphrases of warfare it is good to be reminded of the toll that we ask of our military and their families.
  4. Nice one mate, that was beautiful
  5. Good clip goz
  6. so who ends up like this after watching it :)

  7. I'm pretty sure I got some dirt under my contacts causing my eyes to water
  8. Thanks. That was a tear jerker.
  9. No disrespect to those who put their lives on the line to protect their country, and I'm happy those kids were able to get their Dads back in one piece....... but that was a sappy load of shit.

    Hey America, it's not important why our boys are there so don't concern yourself with that. Don't worry about the kids whose Dads came home in a wooden box either. Just focus on the only good thing (or closest thing to it) to come out of the war and try not to think that they'd all have been better off if we didn't go to Iraq in the first place.](*,)
  10. I don't think it’s a clip that is meant to make people join the defence force, or forget that the wars are a travesty.... The reason that their families are so happy is because they have finally returned home after a (likely) 6 month+ rotation and aren't in a wooden box or severely injured.

    Clearly you’re not from a defence family, otherwise you might understand better how much having your Father or Mother in a conflict zone really effects you - especially when you’re a child.

    To me - the clips highlight the instantaneous release of all of the feelings that have been building up over the deployment and that could not be truly shared. No matter how many times they are deployed it doesn't get any easier.....

    I agree that the wars are a waste though.
  11. You sound like a fun bloke to be around.
  12. Seany's got a point. Some of those clips were home video, but did you notice how many were staged by news crews? They are looking for any positive spin they can possibly put on the war.

    I was torn between smiling and anger when I saw those little kids burst into tears. It definitely tugs on the ol' heart strings. But those poor kids were obviously really upset. They wouldn't even be old enough to understand war, but they obviously were scared that their father wouldn't come home again.

    Lucius, I don't think it has anything to do with being from a defence force family. If one of my close relatives was in one of the forces I'd be even more outraged at the way they were deployed to match a political agenda rather than a national security need.
  13. Hahaha like the one where he was hiding under a box :p.
  14. Never been so happy you could cry? Like i said, from my personal experience and those of the family’s we are close to; seeing your Father/Mother return often causes everything you have felt over the deployment to be released at once, your not upset your happy.

    You may be outraged at the motivations for their deployment, but i guarantee that your reaction at said relative returning would not be any different to those in the video.....

    That's the point i'm trying to make - i.e. The video is about what happens when people are reunited, and that it is not a pro-war video or something that is supposed to justify either war in any way.

    Does the expression of these people’s emotions really need to be used for political argument? Cant people just enjoy watching such a special moment shared between a person and their Father/Mother/Partner/Son/Daughter.....

    On that note, does Netrider have any serving members?
  15. i know of a few that are in the Navy
  16. He is
  17. I noticed that Heli had posted something about being ex-Navy in the Atomic Bomb thread.....

    Haven't seen anything from anyone else though.
  18. Who cut the damn onions?
  19. When I read your post, I typed up the following response:

    "Deadset mate, you are an idiot"

    Then I walked away and thought about it first, which is very odd for me.

    You typed that post at will. Had your forefathers not gone to war there is a good chance you too would be living under the rule of a dicator and not been able to post what you said freely. Imagine if you had been born in Iraq? There would likely have been no post from Seany!