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For those of you who still doubt undercover bikes exists...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by papermate, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. down at the clipsal 500 and the boys in blue were all lined up on the main street as expected. one bike caught my attention.... first time that i've actually seen an unmarked police bike. anyway, for your pleasure....



  2. None of us ever doubted.
  3. whats the thing near the shaft drive? is that a weapon holder?
  4. Standard issue small mortar.
  5. my bike is also unmarked, nice and clean, also sits undercover in the garage :grin: :grin:
  6. :LOL: :cool: :LOL:

    Took the words right out of my mouth.

    No, I couldn't have come up with that. :(
  7. Radar gun?

    Seen only one unmarked bike on the road, but i did see years and years ago on the tv that they police in some state had unmarked sports bikes with video cameras, the goal was to ride along with other riders and record people speeding, stunting and any other illegal activity. no idea what came of it.
  8. What I'm trying to work out is why there are two identical MV Agusta Brutales sitting outside the cop operations centre in Brunswick.
    One needs no explanation, but two.. by chance?.... c'mon.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, it is the same bike that was down at PI for SBK.

    What bothered me at PI, was the policeman riding the bike was attempting to pull over other riders without anything which identified him as a police officer. Dunno about anyone else, but if some random on a bike tried to flag me down, then I'd be thinking twice about stopping, unless it was obvious he was having problems of some sort.

    'Specially if I'm not riding a BMW. :p
  10. Wow!! I want one!!! But i am left wondering, even tho the bike is "incognito" what about the poor clown that has to ride it on duty? All well and good with unmarked bike, but fully kitted out cop sitting on it in police blues with POLICE written down the sides of the helmet, wouldn't be a dead giveaway?? Just a thought. I wonder if they wear their own gear?

    Sexy bike tho, love all the extra fittings and fixtures, obviously they really put thought into it. Cup holders, donut holders, speed gun holders, pistol holders, holder holders...

  11. i see more unmakred cop bikes than marked ones, normally they just have a white helmet, and dark blue leathers with a small vic pol logo on the shoulders, and wen you go past to fast they light up like a christmas tree.
  12. plenty in adel. One loves to harvest the peak hour traffic on greenhill rd, especially in the arvos.
  13. Dude riding the one at Phillip Island was full on incognito - anonymous black leathers, grey helmet from memory (definitely wasn't white) no "Police" written on anything.

  14. I cnt wait to see one! :p
  15. But wouldn't the jodhpurs be a dead giveaway?
  16. You are mistaken
    That's a South Aussie Police bike not Victorian, we have had undercover bikes here for years similar to that in the picture though.
  17. the reason i find this so interseting, is because its obvious that VIC and ADLEDAIDE have them, but im yet to hear, or see any in NSW.
  18. i saw one earlier yesterday on goodwood rd, here in S.A

    was pulled over on the side of the road with lights flashing...had just pulled over 4WD and officer had radar gun in hand

    Same unmarked police bike as in the first post
  19. Meh, all those blue BMWs look the same to me. :p