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For those of you who don't use earplugs.....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by lil, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. Just some articles to consider when wondering why you don't hear things so well since you started riding....(thanks Fixed for the info!)




    Some protection is better than none and you don't have to be riding a Duke or other known noisy beast. Wind noise is a big factor as well.

    Not light reading by any means, but very informative (and scary!).

    :D :D :D
  2. Thanks for the great articles here lil, a timely reminder to protect it while you've got it. :-$
  3. Maybe we should send this to the rev head forum, those guys with the speakers in the cars with so much base they vibrate the car next to them.

    Oops, maybe i shouldn't have got the megacycle exhaust or maybe I need the ear plugs.

    What are the best ones to get? and where?
  4. Earplugs just got put on my shopping list. THANKS
  5. I use Moldex Pura-Fit 6800. Very effective.
    Bought in bulk with a group.
    The other option, further down the track is to get some that are moulded to fit. I'll probably go to an audiologist type place but failing that there was a chap from S.A. who was doing a roaring trade at the Melbourne Motorcycle Expo in 2003 (I think), making and fitting them on the spot.

  6. No good . I wont be able to hear my tunes playing, besides , at my age its all down hill :roll: .
  7. wind noise is the only reason I use ear plugs.
    Knocks me over in this day & age that $1000 helmets almost amplify the noise at speed, being worse in that regard than my 10yr old $300 AGV.

    I've heard BMW's full face is the quietiest helmet available ($600 )).
  8. An older head than mine said "Don't worry if you can't hear much with the ear plugs and the wind noise, you'll only have to stop when you see the flashing lights." :wink:
  9. Earmold are the mob from the Expo. At the moment I use MAX eaplugs (the flouro orange, slightly shaped ones).

    :D :D :D
  10. Pardon??

  11. It all depends on the brand of helmet and what their purpose in life is - my $400 AVG is much much louder then my $150 Nitro helmet. Nitro is meant to be a casual everyday helmet. But the AVG is significantly lighter and more comfortable.

    As far earplugs go - I cant ride 5 minutes without them using the AVG or my ears start ringing. :?

  12. You can get a pack of 200 from a safety place on Settlement road near High street Thomastown. Cost me $20 and I swear by them.
    I will reuse a set ofearplug about 3-4 times then change em for another pair.
    I keep spares in a film canister in my jacket pocket.
    The earplugs I use are called Bilsom X-treme 32 moulded fluoro orange.
  13. I have the Full face and even though it is the quitest helmet I have ever opwned it is still too loud without earplugs.
    A lot of the windnoise is dependant on the bike, your riding position and absence or presence of screen and screen shape/size.
    That being said the sport integral helmet is fantastic. SOOOOOOO light:)

    The new flip top helmet coming out later this year is rated at 85 decibels and is bluetooth enabled which means you can listen to mp3's from your mobile phone or if you are stupid enough make phone calls.
  14. The person on your voicedial named jesus would get a few unusual calls
  15. HAHAHA! Ten points.

    Being a drummer for a few years has damaged my hearing to the point where I can hardly understand conversation over medium-level music. It took me a fair while to realise that helmet noise was making my ears ring as well - it doesn't sound loud while you're riding!

    So if I'm going out for any more than 20 minutes or so, I try to remember to plonk in a shitty little set of yellow roll-up plugs. No point getting anything fancy as long as it reduces the sustained noise level.
  16. Unfortunately, I have GREAT difficulty keeping the cheaper plugs in my ears. I only started wearing plugs again about 6 months ago....I used to wear them but lost faith cos they would fall out all the time. I like the MAX ones cos I can scrunch them really tight and get them to go in my ear and stay there when they expnd. The cheap cylindrical ones are absolutely useless for me.

    This is another thing that takes a bit of practice to work out whats right for you, but is well worth the effort.

    My boss commented the other day on how limited my hearing was....

    :D :D :D
  17. You're one of those folks with reall tight ear'oles then.

    I played in a band with a guy like that. Awesome, awesome keyboard player but he'd be up there on stage with a pair of construction-style earmuffs on.

    Rock, and indeed, roll.
  18. Midnight they also make ones for music :D

    Of ALL the ones I have tried over the years I reckon IMHO they are the ducks guts.

    Cheers 8)
    i wrk @ the airport,so i will pass it on
  20. As our business employs Motorcycle Riders, we must, under OH & S Laws and Workcover, insist that our employees (Riders) where earplugs at all times on the bikes. We use the yellow and pink ones that squeeze down to nothing and go inside the ear canal... I won't ride without them.