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For those of you that think there is no move to global gov.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Transformer, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Well, I once thought that this stuff was the realm of conspiracy theory.
    No longer.

    Looks like this financial crisis, is a tool to push global approval for the UN to take over all our laws and carbon tax our lives to the stone age :evil:
  2. Kazakhstan?
    Was Borat involved?
    I suspect shenanigans!
  3. Re: For those of you that think there is no move to global g


    are you in fact pro pilot? second time you've beaten this UN conspiracy drum

    the merits or failures of this idea notwithstanding, nothing in that link suggests anything of taxes or laws, it states the need for a single global currency.
    just like when Zimbabwe implemented the US dollar as its currency (because of a 230million % inflation rate :LOL: ) it doesn't mean they have taken on US laws or taxes.
  4. Think you miss the point.
    All the movements at this stage from our country to the EU are looking at drawing control to the UN.
    I remember an article a while back around Rudd wanting an Asian Union :roll:

    Theres enough stuff out in the media domain for you to get the point.

    Pro pilot? Is that some sexual reference?
  5. Noobs! You guys missed out on some primo conspiracy theories when ProPilot was around... LOL
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  7. Magna Carta was a tool to push for a reduction in the powers of the king and remove our lawful lord and master.

    State governments were a tool to take away the powers of our local councils and remove us from the political process.

    Federal Governments were a tool to introduce new taxes and take away our rights as states. They also made us associate with the bloody victorians. :evil:

    The U.N. was a tool to take away our national right to make war on other nations without a just cause (HaHa, Iraq proves they stuffed up on that one).

    Global problems need global solutions. George W Bush proved that one idiot can stuff it up for the whole planet under the present system of narrow self-interest. It's not a conspiracy, just a natural evolution towards one world.

    Now take another pill and calm down. :twisted:
  8. But unless we become a global nation of Humans, with one Earth Leader and a planet in total harmaony, how are we ever going to realise the Utopian dream of Gene Roddenberry!?
  9. While i dont think that it is such a bad idea to have a single government, it would really depend on why it was created and who was in charge. Plenty of room to bring a world together or to drive it down the drain (though i think the later is more likely considering human greed etc...)

    Personally i dont think i could live with one politician that has power over the entire world (especially considering the types that would want this sort of power), could you?
  10. That's why most visions of this kind of future usually have a governing council with no one vote head. If you have a council of 9 or 12 or whatever and everything carries a majority vote, with each of those councillors representing the views of the people that voted for them, you get a better cross section of public opinion and less chance of corruption.

    However, being political it will naturally be corrupt.

    Ho hum.
  11. There has been one world government (as they knew it) once before, at the Tower of Babel.

    Didn't work out too well....

    There WILL be two 'one world governments'; one which will have to explain the sudden and unexpected disappearance from the world of perhaps a billion people, and will go on to abuse its powers, granted in the hope of it solving the crisis, and oppress the whole of humanity

    The other will be as different as can be, but, sadly, despite being the best Government the human race has ever seen, or ever will see, will be rejected because man is ultimately selfish and evil, and doesn't want to have his wickedness curtailed.

    There you are, Alan, something to exercise your very worrying anti-relgious obssession about :LOL:.
  12. Simple solution - just introduce a severe penalty for coming last in an election (only applicable to individual members, not parties). Politicians might think twice about pissing off the populace if they get a chance for revenge later on.
  13. The trouble with a single government is that if you don't like the way they run things (and you can look around at a whole bunch of other countries that are run in ways you won't like) there's nowhere to go.
  14. Bring it on.

    So long as the Christians don't get a vote it will be grand.
  15. It's only worrying to you and it's far from an obsession. I'm no more obsessed about my disdain for religion than I am about my disdain for Paris Hilton. They're both blots on humanity that won't seem to go away, that's all.

    "There WILL be two 'one world governments'"?

    Are you alluding to some Rapture related incident? Apart from the fact that you're still considering a 2,000 year old mythology to be literal truth, would you care to explain what these two governments might be?

    Or are you just going to make some outrageous statement and disappear again?
  16. Personally I'm looking forward to the rapture.

    Being ultimately selfish and evil while not having my wickedness curtailled sounds like fun. [-o<
  17. hum ive always wanted to rule the world

    but i guess a bit of competition is healthy, so there should be two governing forces.

    who wants to be my arch nemisisis?
  18. Maybe, depends on a couple of things;
    Firstly, will adequate funding be provided to develop an evil army of genetically enhanced attack bunnies?
    Will fluffy white cats be provided, or do I need to buy my own?
  19. I don't think a one-world govt is a wise idea at all, for a variety of reasons.

    It's common knowlege that one person/company/team in absolute power is a bad thing. Competition and opposition is healthy, it means that as the consumer/voter/whatever benefits. This applies in all aspects of life.

    -Industry and retail; competition between outlets and franchises means lower prices for the consumer. We all know how a monopoly works!

    -Sport; One team can only be dominant for so long. The draft system or salary cap is set up so that everyone should have a fair go at success.

    I severly doubt the ability of one government to fairly represent all people on earth, given our diversity. And there's another thing, diversity! Isn't that what makes us special, being so different? We lost that in a sense by globalisation.

    Just a thought or two!
  20. wentworthmeister
    That's because what we have at the moment is 'economic globalization' that really only benefits the big corporations. They can laugh at national governments and laws because they are multinational and if they don't like the laws in one place will simply shift somewhere else at the drop of a tax benefit, or at the first sign of litigation for polluting the environment or causing the deaths of workers.

    The free market has allowed multinationals to ****, pillage and plunder their way across the planet in an orgy of self serving profiteering. Naturally they are dead set against any international bodies that might put an end to these happy times.

    The push against cultural diversity comes from companies like maccas, warner and fox who want to be able peddle one product to the whole planet. Whether it be a burger or a raft of cheap american tv shows and movies.

    One World Government has long been one of the major bogeymen of the American right wing extremists. Their propaganda has been fueling the race hate and Nationalist agenda for decades.