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For those L and P plater out there looking for a CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by qbnspeedfreak, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. $7500! :shock: Aye carumba!
  2. lol the price isnt the point, if i'd didnt have my gs500f and wasnt about to get off restrictions i'd think about it.. totally different to all the other rr's that are getting around, modern fairing and dove tail looks very neat...

    nearly sex on wheels which is a big call for a 250
  3. Re: For those L and P plater out there looking for a CBR250R

    Ever heard the saying "mutton dressed as lamb" ;). All the fancy fairings in the world ain't going to change the fact that what's underneath is more than a decade old.
  4. Those fairings just seem like code for "crashed to buggery".
  5. Crank the wank factor baby.
  6. Ummmm...............................no thanks.
  7. the guy who sells them does up race bikes and most of the custom paint jobs in canberra for bikes, sure its still the same bike underneather, but hasnt got the aged look? every 1 does things to their bikes to make them their own (differnent from the rest), with these to its already been done you can choose the paint scheme you want.

    how many baby blades are there left out there that havent been layed down anyway? the crash factor is obviously going to be there as it is still a learners bike.

    just thought it was soething different if some one was looking at a 250rr that is a little different

    does it really look that bad?
  8. I think it looks better than the standard one (which is sinfully ugly imho). Still, I wouldn't fork out that amount of cash for it, even if I had just won the lottery.
  9. Still an old 250 import at the end of the day.

    Might as well save the money and buy a decent 600 down the road - you'll get performance to match the looks.
  10. As said it looks different on the outside, but sadly still an import that is who knows how old. Sorry but wouldnt pay $7.50 let alone $7500 for anything imported.. :?