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For those considering MEGA upgrade

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by V8cressida, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Ok here it is Saturday October 20. Big big day for me. It is my first day off restrictions (cc's). My 2001 GSX-R 1000 is waiting for me in the shed!

    I did my L's and P's on my (now sold) little ZZR250, great little bike, went like a dream.... Now it's time to be a big boy,or so I hope.

    Why jump from a 250 to a 1000 ? Why indeed ? I know I don't NEED it but....My head says too big, but my heart and maybe even my stupid pride/ego tells me different. So when this bike was offered to me at what I considered a song my pride/ego/heart combo pummeled my brain from off the top rope!

    So the day has come after a week of looking at it, polishing it, caressing it and admiring just how BLOODY fast looking this thing is standing still, the time has come my friends oh boy it has come.

    So in conclusion, my insurance is paid up, as well as life insurance.

    I now step out the backdoor for what fate awaits me.

    If I make it back in one piece I will report on the events. If not and this is my last post i'll see you all in Rider Heaven!


  2. Meh, we don't need a lot of thngs :grin: Just like your nick - V8cressida. I'm guessing a lexus v8 in an mx83? Those 1uz's sound sweet when opened up.... *drools*
  3. Enjoy

  4. Happy times head-butting the horizon...

  5. It's all in the wrist...keep that under control, and you'll be in for a treat.
    So work up to it...give your body and reactions, time to adjust to what the bike's abilities are. :)
  6. Well done, let the heart beat and the mind in control and all will end well.
  7. Nice!

    If you manage to drag your ass back home before the days end, Ill be very suprised!!
  8. 2 hours since his post and still no reply...

    im gonna start taking bets how many hours he is going to be out...

    any takers? :p
  9. 6 hours - sore and smiling
  10. It's a perfect day in Hobart, sunny, max 20 degrees.... hope he's having a blast!
  11. Congrats mate an enjoy! I wait for your report later on tonight! Oh and I can only imagine the HUGE smile on he's face when he finally decides he's had enough for the day lol...
  12. After 144km I am back.


    Seriously though this little report has 2 parts.

    But before I continue, here is a little tip. When working on an extensive post, do it in wordpad or similar and save it ! I had already had this 90 % written when my PC crashed!
    So this is a re write!

    Part 1. 8km loop around my local area. 50/60/80kmh zones

    First launch = stall. Second = not much better, but was able to use the clutch to keep her going. I head out onto my first challenge - 60metres of gravel road until I reach the tarmac. I can see now why I stalled, how tall is first gear in these things! It took virtually no throttle to bumble along the gravel road at 20kmh. One thing I have noticed is that the clutch is more "in" or "out" compared to the 250 so there were some terrible gear changes at first, oddly enough the upshifts seemed to be the worst. The rear brake on this thing REALLY works. I used to stomp on my ZZR's rear brake - not a good idea with this one, as a little rear lock up reminded me. What is the point of gears 4,5,and 6 ? I am treating the gearbox as a 3 speed with 3 overdrives! You can take slow corners in first no worries, where on the 250 it was only there to get you moving.

    I know on paper the 1000 has a bit over 4 times more power but it seriously seems like waaaaay more. It is unbelievable how much throttle you don't need to maintain legal speeds. I can truly see the legitamate reasons for restrictions, (cc's or power to weight) I have done some dumb things whilest on my 250 luckily without incident. If I had done those dumb things on the GSX-R it would have been way bad! But I digress. I get back home. Hop off the bike and just stare at it while I am telling my wide eyed 9 yr old son just how awesome the power is. He replies at the end "Dad, is it hell fast?".

    Part 2. 134 km Close(ish) twisties. After sitting down to truly realise the moments of my ride I have thoughts of "this is crazy! What am I doing with this thing!" Well I give myself a severe talking to, reminding myself that i'm a "big boy" now, and decide to head out for the hills. This time paying much more attention to being smooth. This works a treat and am really starting to enjoy this ride when I come up on a few slow pokes on the single lane highway. When the time presents itself I drop back a cog indicate pull out and wham! I'm outta there. Holy smoking cow dung batman! I then settle back down to the correct highway speed when I notice in my mirrors a newish car gaining (from quite a way back at first)on me quickly. Thoughts of you know what? ran through my head. The car followed me to the next set of lights and came along side. It was an older guy checking my bike out. You could tell he was reading the GSX-R on the side. Pheeew!

    I get to the twisties with trepidation of having to hang off the side of it to make it turn, due to the reports I have heard that fat rear tyred bikes have a bit of a problem turning in. Keeping in mind that caution is the order of the day (with a little dose of zip) I approach the first hairpin and oops turned in too soon and too hard. No damage done. Seems turning is not going to be a problem after all. I really had more fun in the corners than the 250 mainly due to the fact that it didn't matter if i was not in exactly the right gear. This thing really pulls from down low! I have heard of the legendary low down grunt of the big twins but how much can you use if the front wheel is off the ground?!:shock:

    Absolutely having a ball now when I come across a smoking ute full of youths turning up the same road to some more twisties with short straights. The ute is being driven as fast as practical with the passengers all looking behind at me. Given that youngsters tend to forget that they are mortal and likely to push too far, and also to give them what they wanted (enter Mr testosterone and his equally idiotic mate Mr Poser). At the next straight I pop down a cog (don't know the number as so far I have no real clue which gear i'm in most of the time) and goodbye to you sirs! The funny little number thingy on the dash flashed up some digits which I don't wish to repeat, and you can't prove a thing or I am most likely lieing anyway.......actually officer I don't have a bike.:twisted:

    My return home was un eventful but still fun. After 130km straight my body is complaining that I am on a sport bike. Mainly my neck. It has been nearly 2 months since I sold my ZZR and have been bikeless, maybe my neck isn't used to the weight of the helmet.


    P.s i'm off to the shops......Think I might take my bike! :grin:
  13. Good stuff, have fun!
  14. Cool. Sounds like a blast.

    Just as long as you respect the power and take it easy, I don't see what all the fuss is about large upgrades.

    Enjoy your ride, my friend.
  15. I can see the idiotic grin from here!!! Great report :).
  16. Great report :LOL:

    And the photo, are you doing some pushies to fire up for the ride? Or just worshipping the ground it rides on? :LOL:
  17. awesome ride report mate

    sounds like you had a great time out
    upgrade away
    after that day out you deserve it

    your 9 year old sounds like my 11 year old LOL

  18. Cool write up I enjoyed it. I have only ever ridden a 250cc and will probably upgrade to a 600 supersport. What did it feel like the first time you pulled the throttle back and it took off? Was it a bit scary being able to accelerate so fast?
  19. Oops, been living in my area for the last 10 years but some how or other It took another 68 km to find it :cool: (the shops)

    Makes 212km 4 the day

    Also I forgot to mention the handling. Compared to the 250 it feels more sure footed not sure if the tyres (apart from size) have anything to do with it! They are Dunlop Sportmax D 208 rear and D 218 front not sure whether they are good bad or ugly as far as tyres go. The ride is firmer and doesnt seem to wallow like the fiddy. There is way less helmet wind buffer.

    So in conclusion I started the day apprehensive - After part 1 = I admit a tad frightened. Part 2 = loving it.

    It seems if you have a VERY healthy respect for the machine your sitting on, take it one step at a time, don't run away with your tail between your legs. It is quite easy to upgrade in giant leaps. At the end of today I am as happy as a pig in the perverbial s$%t. Never thought when doing my L's I would be riding a thou with relative ease. I always regarded "those" riding them as god like. But hey they are as mortal as me.

    Now for you Hayabusa, 12r, 14r and the like riders you are just totally CWAAAAAAZZY! :p

    Luv V8
  20. :LOL: neither. It was supposed to be me kissing the ground for making it back home alive after ride 1