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For the wannabe stunters

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Grey Gentry, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. he didn't sound too good.

  2. Who was the guy running up the side of the road?
  3. "arghh, errrrr, uurghhh, mmmm, arghhh, arghhh, ooohhh, arghhh"

    "Can I drag you out the way mate?"

    Lol, I shouldn't laugh, he was obviously quite hurt, but that just sounded funny to me.
  4. I think they stole that soundtrack from this movie I've been watching on the interwebs lately.

  5. youporn?? pornotube?? :rofl:

    you know i have no idea what you're even on about. the quiz in yesterday's paper had a "who am i?" where the answer was crazy horse... had that have been a "what am i?" i might have had an answer :)

    whadda ya call a fight in denmark??? danish blue.... :p
  6. Sounded to me like he was winded badly, probably from receiving a few fractures to the ribs. I remember that sensation after one accident I had. You feel like you can't breath. You try to talk, but there isn't enough air control 'cos your lung muscles are spasming, and all that happens is you end up making weird groaning noises.

    Very distressing when it's happening. Usually it stops within a minute or so though after the body overcomes the initial shock.
  7. I'd second that. I saw the first half of this clip in another vid, didn't hear the aftermath.

    I got the giggles too. I guess it's because you know he'll live. :grin:
  8. wow... thats nasty..
  9. gave me tingles :\

    I figure he's just winded as Cather said, but fcuk that didn't sound painless.