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For the vertically challenged : Height increase innersoles

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Kitt, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. There are some of us , both male and female who have been blessed with the vertically challenged gene ... making bike choices somewhat difficult , I've had my bikes lowered which helps heaps , but still couldn't quite flat foot it ( I know people say there is no need to flat foot / get over it , blah blah ) but I prefer to have the stability underfoot and thanks to @LizzieM , I've found the answer ...

    these are height innersoles , they do take a little getting use to as they can make your boot fit tighter across the top of the instep , I was lucky that I had a pair of boots that were a little bit to big and they have worked well in them ... they're not the answer for everyone but at this price it never hurts to try ..

  2. Thanks for that Kitt

    I'm going to pass that link on to my wife and see if she wants to get a pair.

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  3. i just got some of these, haven't fitted them yet but will report back when done, hopefully from lofty heights!

    Thanks Kitt :)
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  4. Thanks Kitt!
    Appreciate it.
    Lovely to meet you today :)
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  5. The inserts are tapered being quite high at the back and tapering to virtually nothing at the toe. So if you are on absolute tippy toe they may not do much but if your heel is a little way off the ground they help to fill the gap and get a lot more boot sole down.

    Lizzy says they help her a lot getting on and off the bike and and she feels a lot more stable now when holding the bike when stopped.
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