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For The Speed Triple Owners/fans

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by jd, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. This is what happens when a car customising company (Vilner) gets their hands on one and turns it into something very different. I'm sure a lot of Triumph fans will hate it, but I actually reckon it's not a bad improvement over the original. The leather is a nice change from carbon fibre, and at least its not another completely unusable custom chopper (not to mention it gets rid of that ugly twin headlight of the original.......)

  2. :yuck: don't like. And that's nothing to do with being a Triumph fan, that thing's about as stylish as a turd in a dress.
  3. That's hideous. It reminds me of those 80's American station wagons with the fake wood panels along the sides.
  4. Do not want. It's proportions are wrong.
  5. That would have given the stretch receptors a workout on the way out.

    To their credit though, they have actually managed to polish it.
  6. Looks kinda like a buell
  7. But I like those ugly twin headlamps.....

    The looks of that thing don't do it for me, but, if the styling made the bike lighter, faster, or cut through the air better, then I might be interested.