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for the science nerds - synchrotron open day 20 march

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by roundabout, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. the aust synchrotron is having an open day 20 march 10am-3pm at wellington rd clayton. this is a once only opportunity to see inside the synchrotron machine tunnels before installation. entry and parking is free.

    i'll be heading over from brunswick sometime during the morning if anyone wants to join. maybe ride somewhere afterwards??

    they also have a vacancy for a powder diffraction beamline scientist if there are any of those out there?

  2. can we do a few laps inside it? :D
  3. yeah i'll go for a look at that and i'll be coming from the cbd
  4. Excuse my ignorance, please explain - synchrotron?
  5. lifted from www.synchrotron.com.au

    A synchrotron is a large machine (about the size of a football field) that accelerates electrons to almost the speed of light. As the electrons are deflected through magnetic fields they create extremely bright light. The light is channelled down beamlines to experimental workstations where it is used for research.

    you could look here for slightly mroe detailed description http://www.synchrotron.vic.gov.au/content.asp?Document_ID=10
  6. Follow the links on the site saying "What is a synchrotron?" nodz :p

    I've ridden past that site heaps in the last few weeks and never noticed anything there.. Might have to check it out next time I'm in the area :)
  7. Roundabout,

    I'm interested....I also live in Brunswick, Brunswick West to be exact.
  8. oh in my other post i meant to say shall me meet up somewhere and ride over since we're not that far from one another :)
  9. just found out free sausage sizzle as well! bet they don't have any vego sausages, bastards.

    how about meet at the corner of flinders and kings way (next to/in front of the aquarium just before you go over the bridge) at 11.30?
  10. Hrmm...that's practically my backyard. I'll probably take a gander down there if I'm not on a ride. :)
  11. done. see you there.
  12. Why don't you leave earlier and stop at Maccas on corner of Springvale and Wellington Rds and meet some other netriders. We'll be there from 10-12 (those that are not going to i) Cranbourne Races, ii) Hippie Fest, iii) Alexandra, that is.
  13. cool, was changing the meeting time in the city to 9.30 so we can get to the synchrotron and have the afternoon for riding.

    so anyone coming along to the synchrotron, meet at:

    corner of kings way and flinders
    9.30 am

    can then ride past maccas and see if anyone is there
  14. geez....

    I was hoping that I can sleep in..... :LOL: :LOL:

    What the heck, should be there.

    Roundabout, you are not gonna be persueded to go to Alexandra, are you?

    Temptations, temptations. :p
  15. yeh i am seriously tempted, but this is the only opportunity for the synchrotron visit. will probably head out to alexandra afterwards, assuming i can find it. i's very directionally challenged. you interested as well?
  16. Roundabout,

    I'm in......with your plan.

    We can head to Alexandra after touring the synchrotron.......can even stuff the sausage sizzle......play it by ear....how's that?
  17. cool see you sunday, we may even get some of the maccas group to join in

    hey do you know the way to alexander?
  18. Sort of, a colleague (another netrider lurker) and I were just looking at the map there this morning.

    Will have to consult the melway again with details.

    I have Matt232's number who’s going on the Alexandra trip, so depending on how the time goes…..we can meet them anywhere on the route…..maybe even Healesville…..(

    I’m dropping into coffee night tonight at Southbank, will you be there?

    If not, I’ll take the map to synchrotron, and we’ll talk before taking off…..
  19. cool, i probably won't make it to coffee tonight