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For the old school gamers in the house..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Holster, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. the mind boggles, you'd have to live three lifetimes to open every box and try every programme
  2. ...how I miss my Amiga 500/Commodore 64
  3. OMG that gave me a nerd-on.
  4. I want my own authentic space invaders machine. Yes, I can get a web based version that will play in a browser, and ... it's not the original stand up console with the sliding lever, that I spent thousands of dollars playing in my youf.
  5. I've got a Street Fighter II arcade machine at home.
  6. Simply awesome.
    Reminds me I want a Final Fight arcade machine at my next house.
  7. I love you
  8. woah thats a lot..
  9. 1942 or or or or donkey kong
  10. River raid & commander keen
  11. those photos represent such a large portion of my adolescence.
    and quite contrary to any suggestion of being a waste of time,
    i can directly relate all of gear that to the profession that sustains my adulthood.

    lately i have been pondering what this means for the teens of today.
    what kind of worthwhile careers are the face-pod-twitter-tube-generation likely realise from their obsessions?!
    i envisage future career aspirations will be determined by the level of augmentation and exposure you undertake.

    to paraphrase a quote [95] i once heard;
    - everything invented before you were born is given, and you’ll take for granted
    - everything invented until you are 30 is fascinating, and if you are lucky you'll make a career out of it
    - everything invented after you are 30 is surely going to lead to the end of civilisation as we know it
  12. Can't believe anyone hasn't mentioned Mame cabinet. All the awesomeness of retro gaming goodness in a cabinet (well, 3-4 if you want dedicated horizontal, vertical displays to be 'right' and dual joystick games etc)

    When I was 20-21 in early 90s, my flatmate used to make JAMMA boards for the local 'mr big' of arcade games so we had 4 or 5 cabinets including a car/sit down one with games constantly there for 'being tested' with :) My 21st involved several kegs, (lost count at probably 100+ people who rocked up) and Wonder Boy, 1942, Street Fighter 2, NBA JAM, pole position 2 being played in cabinets. I was earning over a K for one days work back then so I only worked one day a week and spent the rest playing arcade games, partying etc. Now days, even through not working due to my injury still, gaming doesn't happen often, not at least until our child(ren) grow up enough to enjoy games but I have my x-arcade dual joystick with a few consoles + PC and MAME plus other emulators. Just a shame that a half hour gaming session of intense gaming wears me out due to the nerve damage in shoulder but meh, I don't get much time for that anyway of late, it's spent chasing around our daughter :D

    That collection does rock though, a few mates have about a dozen cabinets with dedicated games and also a cable MAME cabinets with menus so they get to play games after work lots. Good fun when I get the occasional night out when I pop over but that's like once every year or two.
  13. I've thought about converting my street fighter to a mame unit. The screen died.