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For the NIN fans...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Scottatron, May 7, 2008.

  1. http://dl.nin.com/theslip/signup

    NIN have released their new album "The Slip" completely for free, available from the above link.
  2. Excellent :cool:
    Thanks for the link.
  3. Bwuh. But... Ghosts was released just a few weeks ago!

    Is Trent trying to make up for lost time after that six or seven year gap in the 1990s? ;)

    Thanks for the link - I'll have a look when I get home!
  4. I wonder how many NRer's click on this thread just to find out who/what NIN is :LOL:
  5. Or will be in for a surprise if they decide to d/l the album to find out ;).
  6. Fantastic! Thanks heaps :grin:
  7. :LOL: :LOL:

    Quite possible.
  8. Very good!
  9. Cheers for the link dude. Be nice to take a break from all the instrumentals for a little while...
  10. Thanks! I loved ghosts and didn't expect anything else to come for a while. Good find :grin:
  11. Thanks for the link Scattatron! :cool:
  12. guilty as charged :oops:

    and i signed up anyway to see if i like it :grin:
  13. I thought it was referring to the NR member, Nin :LOL:
  14. Ghosts was 'meh'.

    What's this one like?
  15. Download the f**ker and see dude! It's FREE :grin:
  16. Fine, but I'm going to download it from here, because I'd rather not put my e-mail address into some webpage that promises me free stuff...

  17. someones gonna kick your arse with that sig Ktulu :LOL:
  18. Ktulu's "Is this even worth downloading?" review:

    NIN's new effort, The Slip begins with a track as boring as the whole of Ghosts rolled up in beige tissue-paper and carefully placed next to the 'guest soaps'.
    From there, 1,000,000 and Letting You are so similar to You Know What You Are off WITH TEETH, that a whimsical feeling of deja vue overtakes your relief that you got this album for free.

    After 3 songs that sounds surprisingly original, yet retaining all the classic distorted Reznor hallmarks, you get to listen to Lights in The Sky and Corona Radiata which may as well be one track put together, and I use the word "track" very specifically so as not to confuse this part of the album with an actual "song".

    The remaining 2 tracks are uninspiring, and unmistakably, mediocre NIN.
    If this album at least sounded DIFFERENT from previous ones, it would have merit; but almost every song feels like you've heard it before... but it was better that other time you heard.

    In conclusion:
    Same stuff, different album. It's most redeeming feature is the price.
  19. So you enjoyed it then.

  20. Negative, Ghostrider. The pattern is full.