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For the mechanically inept... free lessons.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jimmyz, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. No, I'm not going to provide them, but I thought it would be a good idea to share how I have learned a little bit more about the mechanics involved in a motorcycle (or more specifically the engine) over the past month or two of riding. I thought this would be relevant to many new riders.

    I had ZERO prior experience with any mechanical device ever; the car gets serviced by someone else and the bike is only recent.

    Soooo, I decided that I should learn something... primarily because I'm a bored uni student on holiday and it's raining so I don't ride :mad:... oh and of course there is the whole practicality part of it.

    METHOD: Find as many old broken lawnmowers as you can on the side of the road and fix em all up you'll be surprised by how many you can find if you keep an eye out :grin:. If you get stuck there are so many resources around to help you learn, the internet being one. Before doing this I had no idea what a carby was, no idea what a float chamber did, no idea how the fuel tap worked, no idea how to tell WHY a spark plug has fouled - indicative of other problems, and a lot more. It has also given me a lot more confidence working with what was formerly a maze of meaningless wires, tubes and a theoretically vague idea of how an engine works; so much easier to understand once you SEE them working (or not working properly).

    I now have about 4 WORKING lawnmowers cluttering up my garage and am running out of space, it is evident how many people could have fixed a lawnmower for less than $10 but probably went out and bought a new one for a fair bit more and I'm sure the situation is similar for bike parts and being able to DIY.

    To add to that I am in the middle of fixing my mates 2 stroke pocket bike, going well so far (I think). There is some great satisfaction to be derived from hearing a once cold, dead hunk of junk fire back into life :twisted:.
  2. Good work mate, it's a bit like me with my quad,

    I ride it then something new goes wrong with it, I then fix it and ride it again and then something else goes wrong with it, I fix it again and ride it then yet another part needs fixing, it just repeats over and over again.
    Thats what I get for buying chinese motorbikes.
    But it is lots of fun working on bikes. :grin:

  3. This is a great idea mate, I'm in the exact same situation as you, pretty much wanting to start a new hobby up while at uni.

    All this talk about 'v-twins', 'inline fours', 'two stroke', 'four stroke' etc etc meant diddly squat to me. Fortunately my dad was a mechanic so he helps explain things.

    Goto wikipedia and search "motorcycle engines" <--- Problem solved lol
    (Sorry no link, need 5 posts)

    So yea thats my post, if anyone else has some real good resources on like an idiot's guide to motorcycles that'd be great. (Do they have that book in the idiot's guide range?)
  4. Same, I would love some sort of guide for idiots lol.
  5. open up an ebay lawn mower store.. the lawnmowers will pay for new bikes... genius :-k