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For the love of god, it only takes a head-check..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sides, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. I was witness yesterday to an incident involving a lady on a scooter and a young man in his work car.
    Both are very lucky that no-one was hurt.
    All could have been avoided if he's just done a head-check before he undertook what was already a pretty dodgy manouver.
    He claimed he didn't see her and that "scooter riders are dangerous, they just sneak up on you and you dont even know they are there"

    ITS CALLED A HEAD CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh, it infuriates me.

    Debbie, I forgot to get your details when I gave you mine, if you're reading I hope you're ok today :)
  2. Unfortunately, 'You were in my blind spot.' has become a variant of 'I didn't see you.'. I had a bloke nearly run me into the kerb a couple of weeks ago (it was ok, I was ready for him to do something stupid) who reckoned his blind spot was adjacent to his drivers side wing mirror.
  3. I always do a head check and it had saved me countless times.

    There was still one night though I looked in the mirror did a head check and still almost hit a car. This was on a 5 lane road approaching a red light. I had traffic backed up in my lane but only a few cars in the lane next to me. On the other side of the empty lane there's also cars backed up. I looked in the mirror no cars did a head check nothing so I naturally changed lane. Next thing I heard was tyres screeching and horns just after I changed lanes. I accelerate off abit looked in the mirror saw that he also just merged into the lane but with no lights no indicators and it was a black car. So how could I have seen him?

    I did learn one small thing that night though. The when I do a head check dont just check the lane you're going into but check weather the traffic on the other side of the lane too. So you dont end up trying to take the same space...
  4. it will so be worth it if she calls you and you get a root out of it though.

    remember, i crashed my car into your mother because i was too nevous to talk to her
  5. I must admit, before i had my bike licence i was not the best person at head checking.

    After i did my L's i was so much more aware.

    They need to introduce something for your car licence so they are more aware.
  6. Do you know what I hate? Whenever a cager doesn't see a biker in his/her blindspot its because "the bike was speeding".

    How convenient :mad:
  7. Back when i was a fresh rider, I was close to home after work, almost deserted road, middle lane. I checked my mirrors, there was only a car quite a way behind me so i checked my left mirror and went to change over just as a car came flying up my inside :shock:.... swerved back and think i had a few brown stains on the back of my pants.

    Moral of the story, there's so many more factors to look out for that you just don't get taught in compulsery courses such as the guy two lanes over merging without indicating, speeding traffic trying to undertake as you go to change lanes etc. The shit thing is the drivers of these vehicles will look at a situation like that and assume you were in the wrong for not "checking properly" and not take into account the factor of their car merging without indicating or excessive speed.

    It's a jungle out there and it's not always a party.
  8. You too!? The Slut.
  9. Luckily speed wasn't a factor in this incident. Both the car driver and scooter rider had both just completed a hook turn, then the car driver decided to u-turn from the left of 2 lanes. Just a glance over his shoulder before he reefed the wheel around and he would have seen the rider.
    It was his justification of the accident that bothered me, it always seems to be the riders fault.

    slickncghia, i am a female rider who stopped to help a fellow rider in trouble and am far from interested in getting a root out of it. I would appreicate it if you could please keep your inappropriate comments to yourself if they are not related to the topic.
  10. I would put that down as at least being a fair chance of being accurate. Almost Everyone exceeds the speed limit from time to time.
  11. There is no such thing as a blind spot with a small turn of the head.
    Blind spots are a copout.
    As for the scooter rider she should be aware that these sort of manoeuvres es[ecially in heavy traffic are par for the course and she should be better prepared.
  12. but how can a person claim that a bike was speeding AS WELL as not seeing them?

    you need to see an object for a decent amount of time to gauge speed

    keep that in mind when someone fails to give way to you and gives you those 2 excuses, or a police officer hassles you for being at fault etc
  13. Ah better prepared... like how??! There's some accidents that you just can't avoid. If some d***head decides to turn in front of you from the left hand lane, crossing your path to do a u-turn, then there's not a whole lot you can do about it. You could say well why didn't she speed up after doing the initial hook turn (as Sides described) so that she wasn't right beside him as he performed the f***ing stupid manouvre, but in dense traffic... you don't always have that luxury hey.

  14. oooooooooooooooh Snap!!!

    Sides : Good on you for stopping to help a fellow rider. Its good to bein such a community where we help each other.
    Also. You didnt mention. Did the scooter rider come off? Im guessing so...but you never mentioned.

  15. It'd be a fair assumption if the observer were travelling at the speed limit and the space beside them was empty a moment ago.

    The space was clear when they checked the mirrors and when they headchecked.... and when they began to move over a bike is there.

    It can happen from time to time (but rare) - when the overtaking vehicle's movements are such that they are outside of the field of vision of each mirror as you check them in sequence, and it's only the final (proper) headcheck that reveals a car or bike moving through past your driver's side door.
  16. i wasn't debating the "how", I was just stating that impo it could be a fair call.

    For example
    A Car driver checks the Rear Vision mirror and notice a bike moving behind you.. Driver does a head check, and the lane next to them is clear, they indicate(optional for some drivers, I know) and start to pull over...

    Same time...

    The Rider sees car in front... Head Checks(And misses the indicator being put on) to see lane is clear, accelerates to get into lane and go around car in front... Bike ends up nearly being Squashed Car driver goes "Sorry mate, I didn't see you speed into that lane position, and I nearly killed you". Bike rider, acts like some of the twats(that mouth off) around here smashes the mirror off the car and abuses the driver. Then filters off.

    I have seen this from behind the bike in question(Maybe not the smashing of the mirror bit). The Bike(CBR600) wasn't speeding until the Rider decided he wanted to be infront of that car. And imho the guy driving the car did nothing wrong.

    A concept of speed can be taken from points of notice, not just observation. If you are behind me 3 seconds ago. and All of a sudden next to me, you were going faster than me. If I was doing the speed limit, then you *had* to be exceeding it to do that.

    Now if Honda have teleporters in CBR600's, let me know I want one so I don't have to ride the Eastern to work.
  17. So, moral of the story:

    Yes, (a) drivers should head-check and be more careful at all times and be more aware of what's around them, and be educated in these things.

    But (b) simple reality is that not all of them will, all of the time, so it's crucial for your own health and safety that you recognise that because we *are* quicker and more manouverable than cages we *do* often end up in places where they don't expect us.

    Sure, they *should* learn to expect us, but as always it doesn't do you a lot of good being in the right if you're hurt in an accident. So be aware of perhaps not using every inch of your extra quickness and manouverability, and of recognising that cagers will often not look as well as they should because they know no *car* could have got into that space that quick.

    As always, because others won't care for your life as well as they should, you have to - sucks, but no-one protects themself by denying reality.
  18. A situation that I have seen NUMEROUS times, is a bike filling the spot or maintaining position next to a truck/van/loaded ute whist it has it's blinker on or has just put it's blinker on. Get the fcuk out of there or don't go there in the first place.

    Again, mostly followed by a pissed off biker. :roll: :LOL:
  19. Not been here long have you? :wink:
  20. About 6 months longer than you by the looks of it! :wink: