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For the Hippies Amongst Us

Discussion in 'VIC' started by nodz, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Elderspeak Earth Spirit Festival
    Sunday 20th March
    Wilson Botanic Park - Old Princes Hwy, Narre Warren/Berwick
    Time 10am-5pm

    Supposed to be like a market selling things to do with spiritual cultures eg Aboriginal, Native American as well as things like crystals, dreamcatchers etc, together with various musical offerings. $7.50 entrance fee for adults.

    Thought I would front up to Sunday morning coffee at Maccas and then trundle here, taking Mrs Nodz and kids along. If kids don't have any interest in festival can get lost in 36 acres of parkland...:LOL:

    www.wbp.com.au This link only tells you about the park rather than the festival unfortunately.
  2. Is the festival this Sunday??
  3. Sorry, modified original post as I forgot to put the date on it. Yes it is this Sunday, 20th March
  4. Damn, I'd love to go to this. Now I have to chose between the Alexanda Bike Show, Cranbourne races and the festival..... I hate choices :?
  5. Unfortunately, that's life. Choices. Don't forget Sunday morning coffee as well, for those not going to i) Hippie fest, ii) Alexandra, iii) Cranbourne races.
  6. Grrr, now I have 4 thing to decide on!!!
  7. Don't forget about the syncrotron thingy, is that 5?
  8. Umm nah, not really interested in that. There might be a bit of a discussion at HQ this afternoon to work out what we are going to do :LOL:
    I was going to say "I will speak to the boss and decide what to do" but that is just plain wrong!!!
  9. Deb, I saw that small writing on your post, best be careful what you say...:LOL:

    And for those that are going to the sychrotron thingy why don't you drop past Maccas on corner of Springvale and Wellington Rds at 10am and say hi?
  10. No reason why you can't do the coffee, sychrotron and the hippy thing all in one day.
  11. But what about the bike show and the races???? :evil: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. You might be able to slot in one of those as well, 4 out of 5 isn't bad.
  13. Well we ended up going to Maccas for breakfast with the kids. Then Deen decided to turn on the charm and clean house, dishes, lawns etc etc....which earned enough brownie points to stay at home and play the PS2 and watch Foxtel with my son while the daughter and I went to the hippy festival :D
    Bumped into Mr and Mrs Nodz and kiddies, shopped around, listened to the music from lots of different tribes and cultures and also had my Tarot read, she basically told me what I already knew so that was a quick $30 down the drain :roll: . Ahhh well, reasurance is always good :LOL: :LOL:
  14. God Damn Hippies.

    head to www.lando.co.uk to DL one of the latest South Park episodes.

    It's so awesome. Cartman fails to exterminate the hippies (he wanders around like a pest controller checking houses for "parasites"). As a result the town is over-run by them, resulting in a Woodstock style event.

    Note: Pirates hate hippies, so should you.
  15. There was for me cause Alexandra won! No contest!
  16. Went along to this. Mrs Nodz had a lot of fun, kids were amazed at the Maori's and Native American dancing and singing. I trundled around taking in the sunshine while sniffing too much incense. Wasn't a bad afternoon, wife happy, kids happy, all exhausted so they settled down for the night quickly, leaving me too my own deivices, a quick spin on the bike in the cool night air..:LOL: